7th Lord of Chaos: Ledgermayne

The 7th Lord of Chaos


Center of all of Lore’s Magic and home of the infamous Tower of Magic

Tower of Magic (/join arcangrove)

Talk to Rayst, the master of the tower to start your quests.

Observing the Observatory: Find the Arcangrove Info by searching the tower.

Ewa the Treekeeper: Got to Cloister (/join cloister) and speak to Ewa.

The Cloister (/join cloister) Must have completed previous quest area.

Talk to the druid, Ewa, for quests.

Bear Necessities of LifeRoot: Search the Mother Tree for the LifeRoot.

Acorny Quest: Grab 10 Acornent Shells from the Acronents.

Ravenloss: Collect 8 Cloister Fruit Bundle dropped by the Karasu.

It's a Bough-t Time: Visit Reens, the Alchemist, back in Arcangrove to buy a Mana Potion.  Then go back into Mother Tree and click 3 Revived Boughs in the tree.

Wendigo Whereabouts: Fight the Wendigo.

After completing the quest return to Rayst for

Find Puddylump:  Travel to Mudluk Village to complete the quest.

Mudluk Village (/join mudluk) Must have completed previous quest area.

After finding Paddylump you will be able to continue his quests.

Toothy Smiles: Get 10 Swamp Lurker Tooth from Swamp Lurkers.

Slimy Cyrus: Collect 5 Slimy Skins from the monters.

Lord of the Fleas: Head back to Arcangrove and fight Gorrilaphants for 12 HUGE Fleas.

Not the Best Idea: Defeat 12 Swamp Frogdrakes.

Gates and Guardians: You will need to click the gems in a certain order to unlock the gate.  After that's complete fight the Tiger Leech for Rod of Defiance.

After completing the quest return to Rayst for

Water You Waiting For: Go to Natatorium to complete the quest.

Natatorium (/join natatorium) Must have completed previous quest area.

Dive Right In: Gather 12 Chaorrupted Coral

Mercenaries: Get 15 Rescued Merfork from the Merdraconian.

Synchronized Slaying: You will need to travel to different areas in Arcangrove to get the items.  Get 5 Brain Coral from the monsters in Arcangrove, 4 Staghorns from Acronents, 3 Sea fan from Karasu and 1 Sea Whip from Wendigo in Cloister and 6 Anemones from the monsters in Mudluk.

The Deep End: To get to Nessie you must move the three statues onto the pressure points to open the gate.  It's quite hard and may take some time.  Once the gate is open you can fight Nessie.

Step on the shells to move the statue.

After completing the quest return to Rayst for

Fine Umbra, The Master Shaman: Travel to the Ruins of Gilead to complete the quest.

Ruins of Great Gilead (/join gilead) Must have completed previous quest area.

Entering Gilead you will find Umbra, the Shaman, he will have quests.

The Root of Elementals: Get 5 Dreg from the Earth Elementals in Gilead and 4 Seed Spitter Spirits from Seed Spitters in Arcangrove.

Eupotamic Elementals: Collect 5 Aqueous Essence from Water Elementals in Gilead and 6 MerCore from Merdraconians in Natatorium.

Breaking Wind Elementals: Find 5 Welkin Essence dropped by Wind Elementals in Gilead and 8 Karasu Soul from the Karasu in Cloister.

Fighting Fire with Fire Salamanders: Get 5 Pyre Essence from Fire Elementals in Gilead and 5 Fire Salamanders dropped from Swamp Frogdrakes in Mudluk.

Guardian of Gilead Wrap: To get to the Mana Elemental you must unlock the gate.  A pattern will flash, you will need to click the orbs that are around Gilead in the reverse order to open the gate.  Then you can defeat the Mana Elemental.

The Earth Orb

After completing the quest return to Rayst for

Find Felsic, the Mana Golem: Journey to Mount Mafic to complete the quest.

Mount Mafic (/join mafic) Must have completed previous quest area.

Speak with Felsic for more quests.

Liquid Hot Magma Maggots: Defeat 8 Volcanic Maggots.

Scorched Serpants: Defeat Scoria Serpents for 5 Captured Alpha Serpents.

Playing with Living Fire: Extinguish 10 Living Fire.

Kindling Relationship: You will need to lower the three drawbridge by clicking the glowing orbs, it can be done in quickly if you do it properly.  After fight the Mafic Dragon.

Para-Elemental Plane (/join elemental) Must have completed previous quest area.

Rayst will guide you through this last part.

Obey Your Thirst for Adventure: Capture 8 Mana Imps.

Captain Falcons: Collect 5 Astral Feathers dropped by Mana Falcons.

Big, Bad and Baddest Bosses: Collect Astral Orbs from the previous boss monsters, Wendigo in Cloister, Tiger Leech in Mudluk, Nessie in Natatorium, Mana Elemental in Gilead and Mafic Dragon in Mafic.

The Great Mana Golem: Battle the Mana Golem.

Ledgermayne (/join ledgermayne) Must have completed previous quest area.

You can go up the Tower of Magic in Arcangrove and teleport to this area.  Once here Rayst has your final quest.

Chaos Lord Ledgermayne: Defeat the Chaos Lord.  He has a super attack which he needs to charge up for, when he does run to the pads on either side so you're not fried.  Defeat him and find out why Drakath is smiling.

Excellent! The balance of Magic has been restored to Arcangrove!

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