Commonly Reported Quests Issues FAQ

This page will list the replies for the most commonly reported quests where you, the player, can actually move on with just a wee bit more knowledge.  These quests are in as close to story or release order as I can get them!

Please be aware that many of the reports we receive can be resolved with a reading of The Official AQW Wiki. 


Cant get Enhance Badge from Tutorial

You will need the Brutal Battle Blade from Trisiana's shop first.  The badge for enhancing your weapon will only work when you use this exact weapon to place the enhancement on.


Chaos Heroes cannot do certain quests

For the purpose of storyline authenticity, you cannot be a Chaos hero and do the Prologue or Mobius main storyline quests.  You will have to choose either Good or Evil from the the main AQW Wiki - The Story quests from NPCs which appear in the Prologue and Mobius sections for the 13 Lords of Chaos storyline.


Snowbeard's Gold

As Snowbeard states, you must go speak to Donna Charmer to obtain his gold.  She will have quests for you to do before she will give you the gold.   
AQW Wiki - Dwarfhold Storyline


Rock Me Amadeus

If you check Geopetal's text, you will see that she wants you to take the key to the big golden doors located on screen 5.
AQW Wiki - Dwarfhold Keep

After you have done this, the quest Rock Me Amadeus will open. 


Mock The Lock / Jailhouse Rock

Once you complete "Mock The Lock" if you check on Mick Guyver's speech interface, he instructs you to take the Thermite to the jail bars and place it on there.

Once you have gone to screen 1 and placed the Thermite, the quest "Jailhouse Rock" will open.

AQW Wiki - Dwarfhold Prison 


Zodiac Puzzle Key - cannot find the pieces

Each piece corresponds to a set of rooms. You must kill the monsters within the given rooms for the pieces.  You can tell which rooms by looking at the plaque outside the door. 

AQW Wiki - Hachiko Hotel 


Neko Mata - Unable to progress

Once you have clicked the button for Battle Neko Mata, all you need to do is fight it.  There are no further prompts given at this point.  Please use a single target class on this fight as the automatic turn in may not work if you engage both enemies in the room.

Once you have beaten Neko Mata, you may proceed to the doors at the end of the map and through them.  No further prompts are given at this point.

AQW Wiki - Yokai Graveyard 


Chaos Lord Kimberly / Mythsong Not Complete

Please return to Kimberly’s room and accept the quest from the button in the upper right hand corner again.  You will need to use a single target class to kill her.  The quest complete failing happens when you are still in combat with one of the band members and the quest tries to turn in automatically.
AQW Wiki - Lorestockapalooza


Arcangrove maps wont open 

For the Arcangrove storyline, in between each of the branching maps, you need to return to Rayst in front of the tower.  He has a quest that will send you to the next map.  The quests in these maps will not open until Rayst's quest to get to them is completed.
AQW Wiki - Arcangrove Storyline  


Gilead Puzzle

Please read the description on how to solve the puzzle again.  You have to touch the orbs in the reverse order they show you.  So if the order shown is red-green-blue, you have to touch the orbs as blue-green-red. 
AQW Wiki - The Ruins of Great Gilead 


Can't Catch Sek Duat in the Mini Game

This issue may be resolved by clearing your cache.  Please refer to our Lorepedia Help Page for detailed instructions on how to do this on all the most popular browsers:
Cache Help

Once you have cleared your cache, please remove any overly large items before trying the mini game again as these can get stuck on the rocks and cause you to not be able to advance. 


Bloodtusk War not advancing

The most common cause of this is you need to go to She Who Answers at screen 5 of the Bloodtusk Ravine Crossroads and watch the cutscene Eclipse.  Then you will be able to proceed in the war area.

You may use the NPC Guides, Narg (Horc) and Ksakkis (Troll) for help with where you need to be in the storyline.  They are able to send you to exactly where you need to be to continue.
AQW Wiki - Bloodtusk Ravine 


Bloodtusk Travel Map - No Check Mark

The boss map not receiving the ‘completed’ check mark  is actually due to the story line having two sides.  Because of this, the last location will not check off in the travel map. 

If you are unsure of where you left off in it, you may use the NPC Guides, Narg (Horc) and Ksakkis (Troll) for help with where you need to be in the storyline.  They are able to send you to exactly where you need to be to continue.
AQW Wiki - Bloodtusk Ravine


Denara Moved

Once you have completed the quest ‘Locate The Source’, Denara moves to the entrance to the sewers.  You can find this on screen 9.
AQW Wiki - Archives 


Drakath Armor and Champion of Chaos badges

To obtain the Drakath Armor badge, please return to Confrontation with your Original Drakath Armor in your inventory and do the new Drakath’s Armor quest located there to get your badge.

The reason you were not originally awarded the badge when it came out is because you completed the quest before we began tracking it.  This is why the new "take it and complete it immediately" quest has been added.

If you have 2 Champion of Chaos badges, the 2nd one is because you completed both the original storyline and the remade one to get rid of the bugs.  You are entitled to both badges.  If you do not have 2, you probably did not complete the original story before it was remade. 


Can't Confront Drakath

When going up Mount Doomskull, you must physically pass through each gate.  When you receive this message, it means that one or more of the portals was not registered as you having passed through it. The most common reasons for a portal not to register are using /goto on another player and skipping past some portals, using the skip button during the cutscenes or lag.
Cache Help


Cant turn in 13th Lord of Chaos

You must choose your Chaos Lord form.  This is done inside the cutscene after you lose to Drakath at the top of Mount Doomskull.

The quest “Who is the 13th Lord of Chaos?” should automatically turn in once you are defeated by Drakath and enter the cutscene.  If this is not happening, lag is the most common cause.

You can also rewatch this cutscene from Loremaster Maya at the bottom of Mount Doomskull if you skipped it the first time.
AQW Wiki - Mount Doomskull


Need For Speed in Necrotower - unable to complete

First, please clear your cache.  You can find detailed instructions for the most popular browsers here:
Cache Help

Once you have cleared your cache, make sure you are touching the correct book first.  If you touch the wrong book, you will need to relog or clear your cache again to restart this quest.  Using the picture from the AQW Wiki, it is the book furthest to the right of the screen.
AQW Wiki - Necro Tower


Arryd Quests not opening in Doomwood

You need to go into Lightguard Keep, either by using /join lightguard, or walking back into the keep from Doomwood.  There is an achievement called "Lightguard Found" when you first enter the Keep that need to be completed.  

You will also need to do any quest from one of these NPCs:
Lady Speedstyk
Ol' Spice

Once this is done, you will be able to accept the quests from Arryd in Doomwood Forest.
AQW Wiki - Doomwood Story Part 1


De(ad)ception not showing complete / not able to travel to Chopping Maul

After completing De(ad)ception, you need to return to Lightguard Keep and speak to Vayle. She will have instructions on where you should go next. 
AQW Wiki - Doomwood Story Part 1

The De(ad)ception quest is able to be taken again, as there were issues where players could not complete it if they were disconnected.  While it can be taken again, it can only be completed once. 


Doomwood Challenge Shop

The Doomwood Challenge shop opens when you complete the challenge of killing 100 monster in screen 4 of Doomwood Forest without leaving the room.  This is a bonus quest, not part of the storyline.
AQW Wiki - Doomwood


DoomWood Book of Lore story showing 97%

Due to the way the DoomWood story line is set up, the Book of Lore has a hard time reading the progression at the Vordred Boss Map.  We can manually set your BOL for this story only, if you will please send a screenshot of your account standing in screen 1, showing all of the shop buttons unlocked. 


Knave1’s Route to the Void has no turn-in button

The quest has to be turned in with Nythera.  She will have more quests for you before you go back to Knave1 as well. 

AQW Wiki - Knave1's Quests
AQW Wiki - Nythera's Quests


J6 Saga

Please use the AQW Wiki for J6 Storyline information.  There is also a detailed walkthrough on the Design Notes.

If you shoot J6 at the end of the saga, The Baron steals the Hyperium and flies away.  That is why you can no longer access the Hyperium.  

The storyline does warn you that there will be consequences for your choices.  If you shoot J6 you will have to redo the J6 saga again. 


The Miller's Key has no turn in button

As the quest states, you need to take the key to the mill door, not back to Scoria.
AQW Wiki - Xan Storyline


Magic-Flavored Misery

As the quest states, you need to take the findings to Warlic.  The quest turns in at Warlic, not Cysero.
AQW Wiki - The Magic Thief Storyline


Undead Investigation

As the quest indicates, it turns in with Orlok, not Z.

AQW Wiki - Z's Quests 


Shadowfall Cynari & Tibias quest alignments

When you begin this storyline, you have to choose a side to play on. This is chosen during a cutscene at the beginning of the story, and you are prompted multiple times if you really want to play this side.  It also informs you that you can only do one side of the story, so choose carefully.

This choice does not have anything to do with your character alignment choice, and is only for this story. 

AQW Wiki - Cynari's Quests
AQW Wiki - Tiabis' Quests


Metals of Destiny and Doom quests vanishing

The "of Destiny/Doom" quests given by Artix and Vayle at the Necropolis want you to bring back a metal of Destiny/Doom, which is forged by Geopetal at Dwarfhold Keep.  The metals are actually forged at Geopetal in Dwarfhold.  You bring that metal back for the quest.

When you forge the first metal "of Destiny/Doom" the quests from Artix and Vayle will disappear, as these are just a checkpoint to open up the next section of quests.  You may forge as many metals as you require with Geopetal.

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