How To Play AQWorlds - 9. Parties

9: Parties

Parties are a small group of players; Parties show the HP and MP of every party member in the room. If a party member is in a different room the game will say “Out of Range” To invite someone to a party type: /invite Player Name . If they have invites on they’ll have a choice of joining or not. If they join you’ll see their HP and MP.

You can also chat to party members only by typing /p then a space, to leave the party chat type /say then a space.

The party leader is indicated with a crown on their portrait.

If you’re the party leader, left-click on a member and a list of options will appear:

●    Char Page – Opens the player’s Character Page in a new tab or window.
●    Whisper – Send a private message to the selected player.
●    Add Friend – Adds the player to your friends list.
●    Go To – Teleport to the player's location if they are not ignoring /goto
●    Remove – Removes the selected member from the party.
●    Summon – Brings the player to you.
●    Promote – the member to Leader.
●    Report – Sends a report for moderators to look over.
●    Ignore – Adds player to your Ignore List

If you're looking for a party to farm with, the Let's Party thread on the forum is a good place to start.

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