Noobshire Throwback

Ready for Clawsome Cat Puns?

With the recent addition of Exploding Kittens to Aria’s Pet Shop in BattleOn Town, it’s a great time for Legends to revisit Lowell, the meme-crazed Kittarian. Get ready for a little internet culture insanity as Cysero personally created this Legends-only mid-week release back in June of 2012.

No1 Can Haz Relicz

Lowell haz problemz (grammar being one of them). As the official Kittarian Record Keeper, it is his job to guard the two most purrrrfect relics of cat culture: the Invisable Bike and Sacred CHEEZBURGER. Unsurprisingly, a scaredy cat isn’t the best sacred treasure protector. Horcs have snatched the Bike and, to make matters worse, the Cheezburger is no where to be found. It’s time to hitch a ride on Monorail Cat and find the relics before the entire Kittarian civilization crumbles!

Wait. Monorail…Cat?

You’ve got to be kitten me. I really can’t make this stuff up.

Use Monorail Cat to visit the vast amount of Horcs around Lore in search of the Invisible Bike. (How does one find an Invisible Bike anyway?). If you manage to retrieve both relics, Lowell grants access to a catastrophic amount of feline gear.

Even Heroes Were Once Noobs

Beyond Lowell Lolcat Land section, Rolith uses Noobshire as the Pactagonal Knight’s training grounds. Well, he would use them if those Horcs and Kittarians would clear out! Helping Rolith and finishing his questline grants the coveted Elite Noob Badge. Only a real newbie wouldn’t have this beauty unlocked in their Book of Lore. This is a free player quest chain, so I hope you all take advantage of it!

Live Long and Pawspere

There isn’t much more to do in Noobshire, but it’s paw-sitively a map that can’t be missed. Plaese comment on this post’s amazing grammar on twitter @ACWOAE or on the forums. And while you’re there, why not suggest what Throwback you want to see next. Thanks for reading and may the Lolcat be with you!

This cat speak to me on a spiritual level.

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