How To Play AQWorlds - 8. Guilds

8: Guilds

If you are an upgraded Legend, you can make your own guild! Guilds are a group of players who play, fight monsters and chat with each other through a guild chat system. You can tell who is in a guild if there is a name under their username.

Credit to Yoshino for the above pic!

To join a guild, you have to be invited by the guild’s leader or an officer in the guild. Once you’re in a guild type /guild in the chat box and this menu will appear:

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Here you can view a list of members, their rank and if they’re on or not, A list of commands which only the leader and officers can use except the /gr command which removes someone from the guild. If your rank is “Member” you can only /gr yourself, Officers and the leader can /gr everyone.

Guild members can chat with each other no matter what room they’re in through custom chat mode. To enter guild chat type /g then a space and you’ll enter guild chat. To leave just type /say then a space and you’ll leave guild chat.

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