4th Lord of Chaos: Kitsune

The 4th Lord of Chaos

Yokai Island

Home of Emperor Daisho and the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade

Yokai Ferry (/join yokaiboat)

Ai No Miko has sent you an invitation to the DragonKoi Tournament! But Cap'n Herlock needs your help!  Rid her ship of the Kappa Ninja so you can sail to Yokai Island.  Must clear each area before moving on.

Fun side note, this area was inspired by Artix's real life trip to Japan.

Akiba (/join akiba)

Find Daisuke for the storyline quests, a cutscene will play and then it's time for the Tournament!

DragonKoi Tournament (/join dragonkoi)

Head into the battle arena to face your opponent.  Announcer Guy will tell you who your next opponent is. All the fighters are references to popular anime and games.  During your last match a cutscene will play.

Hachiko (/join hachiko) Must have completed previous quest area.

You will now be in Hachiko, Ai No Miko will have quests.

Dog Days: You will need 5 Ninja Questioned and 5 Samurai Questioned, fight the Ninja Nopperabo and Samurai Nopperabo for this,

Faceless Threat: Fight any Samurai Nopperabo for the Note From DT.

Zodiac Puzzle Key: You need to bring back one of each of: "Rat-Ox-Tiger Piece," "Rabbit-Dragon-Snake Piece," "Horse-Sheep-Monkey Piece," and "Rooster-Dog-Pig Piece" to complete the quest. This is without question the hardest quest to complete. Only certain monsters drop the items, but here is the key to it.

DT: Defeat DT for the Solider Rescued.

Bamboo Forest (/join bamboo) Must have completed previous quest area.

Jinmenju Tree: Search the area for the Jinmenju Tree to collect Jinmenju Clue

Yokai Bandits: Collect 5 Jinmenju Fruit Core and a Charred Paper Tailsman from the Tanuki.

The Fiery Fiend: Get a Jinmenju Fruit Bundle from SoulTaker

Junkyard (/join junkyard) Must have completed previous quest area.

Dumpster Diving: Follow the path to the shrine for the Tsukumo-Gami Triubute.

Reduce, Respawn, Recycle: Fight the Tsukumo-Gami in the area for 5 Wild Kara-Kasa, 4 Wild Bura-Bura, 3 Wild Biwa-Bokuboku, 2 Wild Koto-Furunushi and 1 Wild Bakezouri.

The Hunt for the Hag: Get a Fresh Liver from Onibaba.

Yokai River (/join yokairiver) Must have completed previous quest area.

Su-she: Bring back Nori Recipe, Cucumber Recipe, and Sumeshi recipe from the monsters.

Kappa Cuisine: Gather 6 Dried Nori Leaves, 1 Fresh Cucumber and 3 Bundles of Sumeshi from the monsters.  Then head to the shire to make the Kappa Maki Roll.

Hisssssy Fit: Collect the Nure Snake Skin from Nure Onna.

Yokai Graveyard (/join yokaigrave) Must have completed previous quest area.

Speak to Neko Mata for your quests.

The Purrrfect Crime: Get 10 Skello Kitty Tails from the Skello Kitty.

The Face Off: Collect 4 Ninja Face Mask from Ninja Nopperabo and 4 Samurai Face Mask from Samurai Nopperabo.

Legends have the opportunity to fight O-dokuro, free players can proceed to the war.

Yokai War (/join yokaiwar) Must have completed previous quest area.

Defeat each monster in the area to proceed up the path to O-dokuro.  Defeat O-dokuro's Head and a cutscene will play.

Kitsune's Lair (/join kitsune) Must have completed previous quest area.

You've fought a war of yokai and defeated a giant skull.  Now face the 4th Chaos Lord Kitsune but be careful, only attack him in his Chaos Lord form.

Omedetōgozaimasu! Yokai Island is now safe from the 4th Chaos Lord!

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