Fotia Guide

Island of Fotia

Dage hath no fury like a woman scorned...

/join Fotia

Talk to Kalila or Amia, the island needs protection from the volanco and only appeasing the Frozen Flame will help.

Feeding the Frozen Flame: Defeat 4 Fotia Elementals.
Fire for the Frozen Flame: Slay 5 Fotia Spirits.
Lore Cores: Get 7 Fire Cores dropped from Fotia Spirit and Fotia Elementals.
Volcanic Exploration: Find 6 Lava Cores dropped by Femme Cult Worshiper.
Retrieve the Ancient Artifact: Fire Staff: Find the Ancient Fire Staff from Skeletal Fire Mage.
Retrieve the Ancient Artifact: Ice Orb: Get the Ancient Ice Orb from the Skeletal Ice Mage.
This Guy's on Her Side: Get 50 Archfiend's Favor from /join Underworld.

Fotia's Only Hope: Click on the Frozen Flame then defeat Amia. (Must have completed the previous quests, can only be done once.)

/join underrealm

You must have completed the quests in /fotia to do these.  If your character is female talk to Sibyl.  If your character is male see Aeneas

Sibyl's Shop
Aeneas' Shop

Soul Searching: Release 8 Underworld Souls.
Chamber of Grief: Defeat Grief
Chamber of Anxiety: Defeat Anxiety
Chamber of Disease: Defeat Disease
Chamber of Old Age: Defeat Old Age
Chamber of Fear: Defeat Fear
Chamber of Hunger: Defeat Hunger
Chamber of Death: Defeat Death
Chamber of Agony: Defeat Agony
Chamber of Sleep: Defeat Sleep

/join styx

Charon will help you free the dead from The River Acheron.

Charon's Purge Merge

Sullen Souls Survival: Defeat 6 Sullen Souls.
Wrathful Souls Rage: Defeat 5 Wrathful Souls.
Hydra Hospitality: Get 3 Styx Hydra Heads.
Dage's Guard Dog: Get the 3 heads of Cerberus.
Blade to Rest: Bring peace to 5 Fotia Spirits and 3 Underworld Souls.
Soul'd Out: Free 5 Femme Cult Worshipers and fight Grief for Grief Extinguished.
Deathly Joys? BAH: Defeat Grief, Defeat Anxiety, Defeat Disease, Defeat Old Age, Defeat Fear, Defeat Hunger, Defeat Death, Defeat Agony, Defeat Sleep. (Legend Only)

/join judgement

Talk once again to either Aeneas or Sibyl.

Aeneas' Merge Shop
Sibyl's Merge Shop

IMPressive: Fight 6 Underworld Imp's for Fangs/
The Raven's Loss: Collect 8 Asphodel Flowers dropped by Raven.
The Power of Flowers: Deliver the Asphodel Flowers to Male Mourners if you're female.  The Female Mourners if you're male.
Time for Judgement: Reach the Plane of Judgement.
Judged on Performance:  Fight Rhadamanthys for his Blessing.
Judged on Undead Legion Standards: Fight Minos for his Approval.
Judged on Alliance to Dage: Fight Aeacus for his Permission.
Challenged Alliance to Dage: Fight Ultra Aeacus.

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