1st Lord of Chaos: Chiral Valley

The 1st Lord of Chaos

Chiral Valley

This valley has some interesting ups and downs.

Mobius (/join mobius)

In Mobius you'll find Renn the RuneWarrior and Zio the Illusionlist.  If you side with Good, talk to Renn.  If you side with Evil, talk to Zio.  Both have the same quests.

Winged Spies: Get 5 Eyeball Wings from Chaos Sp-Eye.

Mobius Survivors: Save 5 survivors, with the "Help" bubble.

IMP-ossible Task: Bring back 5 Imp teeth dropped by the Fire Imps.

You Can't Miss It: Bring back tower info.  Travel to the left and go up in between the two houses to find the Portal Area.  After the cutscene return to Renn/Zio.

Far Sighted: Get 5 Cyclops Contact Lenses from the Cyclop Raiders.

Slugfest: Defeat Slugfit to get the Slugfit Scalp.

Otto (/join otto)

After completing the Renn/Zio's quest, enter the horizontal door of the inverted house.  This will take you to Anna and Otto who will explain about Chaos Lord Escherion.

Faerie Forest (/join faerie)

After receving the first piece of the Runix Cube from Anna and Otto you will be taken to the Faerie Forest.  Speak to Dew Drop for quests to find the next piece of the Runix Cube.

Chain Reaction: Get 8 Sneevil Chainsaws from the Chainsaw Sneevil.

Epic Drops: Click the pink flowers to collect 7 Dew Drops.

Jarring Theft: Find the Healing Jar which is dropped from a random Chainsaw Sneevil.

Tree Hugger: Collect the Warlord's Beard by defeating the Cyclops Warlord.

The Second Piece: Defeat Aracara to get the Runed Relic.

Cornelis Ruins (/join cornelis)

Anise will help you with the third piece of the Runix Cube.

Ruined Runes: Collect 8 Gargoyle Chips from the Gargoyle monsters.

Energize!: Explore the ruins until you find the teleporter info.

Blueish Glow: Collect 10 Blue Gems dropped by the Gargoyles.

Quickdraw: Find the Golem.

Arm Yourself: Fight the Golem for the Golem Arm.

You've Been Framed: Find the History Book behind the portrait. When complete click the "Renn and Zio" button to return to Mobius.

Mobius (/join mobius)

Renn and Zio have a few more quests.

Some Assembly Required: Solve the Runix Cube.

Teleporter Report: Search the area for Teleporter Info.

Disguise!: Collect 8 Cloth Scraps from Cyclop Raiders.

To-Go Box: Fight the Chainsaw Sneevils for 4 Cardboard Box in /faerie.

Tower of Relativity (/join relativity)

After completing the quest, you will be sent into the tower. You'll find yourself inside the Tower of Relativity after a short cutscene. (The entrance to the tower is the blue teleporter in Mobius.) To proceed through the tower, you must finish the quests to unlock various doors.

Ignore the first room and just walk through the door on the north side of the screen. (Be careful to avoid the portal in the middle of the room, as that will send you back to Mobius.) Progress down the stairs, walk up to the door, and accept the quest. You will need one Cyclops Door Key, which is dropped by the Cyclopse Raiders in the area. After you complete the quest, turn in the quest and click the "Progress" button.

After walking through the door, walk down the stairs again. Walk up to the door and accept the quest. This time, you will need 6 Keys from the Fire Imps in the area. Find the keys, turn in the quest, and walk through the door. Head downstairs, ignore the Head Gargoyle, walk up to the swirling, purple-and-black portal, and accept the quest. You will need a key, dropped from the Head Gargoyle, so defeat it until it drops the key, turn in the quest, and proceed through the portal.

Hydra Lake (/join hydra)

The portal takes you to Hydra Lake.  Talk to the Lake Bonfire and collect 9 Hydra Teeth from the Hydra to get the Rune Shard Alepha, Rune Shard Betalin and Rune Shard Gamilo.  When you have all 3 Rune Shards find the runes located throughout the area and click the X three times (no more or you'll waste Hydra teeth).  Return to the Bonfire to complete the quest.

Escherion's Tower (/join escherion)

After the cutscene proceed thru the door on the now fallen over Tower.  Go thru the purple portal.  After the cutscene you will be ready to fight the 1st Chaos Lord.  You need to attack his staff first or you'll do no damage to him.  When the staff is down then go after Escherion, but the staff regenerates so you'll have to beat it everytime. 

When Escherion is finally defeated a cutscene will take you back to Mobius. 

Congratulations! You've defeated the First Lord of Chaos and saved Chiral Valley!

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