How To Play AQWorlds - 5. Enhancements and Stats

5: Enhancements & Stats

Enhancements are vital to fighting the several monsters in the game. You can enhance your equipment to increase your stats depending on the type of enhancement. The most common enhancements are: Fighter, Thief, Wizard, Healer, Hybrid, Spellbreaker, Adventurer and Lucky. Each type enhances stats differently.

To enhance a piece of equipment Open the game menu > Shops > Enhancements > Then choose which one you want.

Enhancements are also sold by some NPCs.  You can join /trainers for Fighter, Thief, Wizard and Healer.  Rayst in /arcangrove sells SpellBreaker.  You can find Hybrid from Artix in /swordhaven, Mazumi in /greenguardwest, Taravya at /dwakel and Wrym at the /tower.  Korin at /tower and Elissa Keelhaul in /pirates also have Thief.  Tomix in /tower and Dusk in /shadowfall have Fighter.  For Lucky you'll have to visit Cysero in /yulgar.  Twilly has general Adventurer enhancements right in /battleon and Valencia has Awe enhancements at /museum


Chose an enhancement that you want, the equipment you wish to enhance and look at the stats changes that will be applied and click the red “Enhance!” button.

BOOM! All done!

Stats also play a role in fighting. To view your stats Open the Character Menu > Stats & Class and this will open.


Here you check your stats and class. Each stat does something different.
●    Strength – Increases your physical damage & Critical Hit for Melee Classes
●    Intellect – Increases your magical damage & Haste for Caster Classes
●    Endurance – Increase your overall Health. Some classes work better with Low/High HP
●    Dexterity – Increases Hit, Haste and Evasion for Melee Classes (Evasion for Caster)
●    Wisdom – Increases Hit, Crit and Evasion Caster Classes (Evasion for Melee)
●    Luck – Useful for all classes, REALLY useful for classes that have Game of Chance

The right menu shows details of your class like ways to regain Mana and an overview of your skills and Rank 4 Passives. Passives are background skills that are always active which gives small boosts to stats or damage output.

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