11th Lord of Chaos: Lionfang

The 11th Lord of Chaos


Home of the Darkblood race and Tears of the Mother: Cleanser of Chaos

Blackhorn Tomb (/join blackhorn)

Journey to the Blackhorn Tomb to aid General Lionfang, one of King Alteon's knights, investigate a cure for Chaos. He has some quests for you.

Final Rest: Defeat 5 Restless Undead.

Disturning the Peace: Click for 10 Tomb Shattered

Sampling Silk: Collect 6 Silks from Tomb Spiders.

Fire Is The Thing: Collect 3 Pieces of Cloth from Restless Undead, 3 Gas Bladders from Tomb Spiders, and click for Glass Bottle.

The Wall Comes Down: Destroy the wall.

The Bonefeeder: Defeat the Bonefeeder Spider.

What Lies Beyond: Explore further into the tomb.

Toxic: Collect 4 venoms from Tomb Spiders.

Very Toxic: Collect 6 Fungi from Restless Undead.

Really, VERY VERY TOXIC!: Apply the Toxic Potion to find the Darkblood Scroll.

Onslaught Tower (/join onslaughttower) Must have completed previous quest area.

Fight your way to the Tower by defeating each monster in the room.  Talk to Gravelyn on how to access the Tower without dying. Inside the Tower you will find Archlich Xollen who has quests.

Lion Hunting: Search every room of the tower.

 Secret Of The Death Fog: Defeat 6 Golden Casters/Cavalries/Warriors.

The Key To Survival: Collect 4 amulets from Golden Casters/Cavalries/Warriors.

The Tools: Search the tower and collect 8 Reagents.

The Talent: Speak to Gravelyn to get enchanted.

The Local Locale: Place 4 amulets around the tower.

Who Holds The Key?: Defeat 6 Golden Casters/Cavalries/Warriors.

Leave No Rug Unturned: Search the tower for the Dungeon Key

Tame The Lion: You can now access new areas of the tower. Defeat Maximilian Lionfang.

Falguard (/join falguard) Must have completed previous quest area.

Journey to Falguard, home of the Darkblood.  The main city in Thunderforge, you can find rep vendors and different shops here. Speak to Madra for quests.

Take Up The Cause: Defeat 6 Chaonslaught monsters.

Well Kept Secrets: For 6 Knowledge Secured destroy books in the library.

Feeding on the Fallen: Defeat Chaonslaught Warriors for 2 Chaonslaught Shield and Chaonslaught Cavalries for 3 Chaonslaught Sword.

Special Delivery: Click on Ralstis for Weapons Delievered.

Precious Scraps: Defeat Chaonslaught Cavalries or Warriors for 5 Chaorrupted Armor Scrap.

Restocking: Click on Saluk in the armory for Scraps Delievered.

An Inside Job: Defeat all monsters inside the Inn.

Streets Run Red: Get 10 Spellswords Silenced dropped by Chaonslaught Casters.

Open The Temple: Click for Darkblood Runestone. 

The Open Temple: Defeat the Primarch.

Death Pits (/join deathpits) Must have completed previous quest area.

Speak to Logash and complete his quests.

Remains: Defeat 3 Rotting Darkblood.

Thriving in Rot: Click for 5 Glowing Mushrooms.

Rotting Ribs: Get 10 Rotten Rib Bones from Rotting Darkblood.

A Perfect Skull: Collect an Intact Skull from Rotting Darkblood.

Deeper into Death: Defeat 4 Ghastly Darkblood.

Precise Placement: Find the Old Map from Ghastly Darkblood.

Painted Protection: Place 6 Runes around the map.

They Sense You: Defeat 3 Rotting Darkblood.

They Hate You: Defeat 3 Ghastly Darkblood.

The Sundered: Defeat 5 Sundered Darkblood.

Rotstone: Click the map for 9 Rotstone Ores.

Honor The Dead: Collect the Primarch Mace from Sundered Darkblood, the Primarch Trident from Rotting Darkblood, and the Primarch Spear from Ghastly Darkblood.

Ties to Life: Get 12 Bones Burned by clicking around the map.

Destroy Wrathful Vestis and Secure The Tears: Defeat the Wrathful Vestis to collect the Tears of the Mother.

Venom Vaults (/join venomvaults) Must have completed previous quest area.

Sir Valence will be waiting for you to give you some quests in order to defeat the Chaos Beast and information on Lionfang.




Surveillance for Sir Valence: Explore the vaults.

Well Planned Getaway: Defeat 3 Chaonslaught Warrior.

Secret Of The Mad Prince: Click the map for Journal Found.

Potion of Clensing: Click the map for Recipe Found.

You've Been Noticed: Defeat 4 Chaonslaught Casters.

Thorny Situations: Collect 5 Venom Roses by clicking.

Other Ingredients: Collect 3 Spell Pouch from Chaonslaught Casters.

Time For Supplies: Collect the Potion Vial from Chaonslaught Casters.

Cooking Without Fire: Get the Heating Element from Chaonslaught Casters or Chaonslaught Warriors.

Introduction: Place 3 AntiVenoms around the map by clicking.

Courtyard Key: Find the Courtyard Key from Chaonslaught Casters or Chaonslaught Warriors.

Take Out The Chaos Manticore!: Defeat the Manticore.

Storm Temple (/join stormtemple) Must have completed previous quest area.

Finally you have reached Chaos Lord Lionfang.  Madra is back to guide you.

Shocking Footwear: Click for 4 Lightning Samples.

New Shoes: Get Lightning Boots by defeating Chaonslaught Warriors.

Mouth Of the Lion: Defeat 6 monsters.

Storm the Storm Temple: Find the Lightning Key dropped by any monster.

A High Minded Matter: Click for 3 Cloud Matters on the map.

Storm Bottles: Get 4 Storm Bottles from Chaonslaught Casters.

 Breaching Defenses: Click four times for Bursted Barrier.

Chaos Lightning Rods: Defeat Chaonslaught Cavalries for 5 Chaos Lance.

Barrier Buster: Click four times for Busted Barrier.

Face Chaos Lord Lionfang!: Take down Chaos Lord Lionfang. He can stun you so be careful.

Cheer! Falguard is safe with the defeat of Lionfang.

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