8th Lord of Chaos: Tibicenas

The 8th Lord of Chaos


Where the immortal Pharoah Sek-Duat rules.

Sandsea Port (/join sandport)

You can walk around Oasis (/join oasis) since it has vendor shops and Buper Camels but the Chaos Lord storyline begins here.  Zhoom will be your guide.

Sandport and Starboard: Explore the Sandport.

Shark Diving: Collect 8 Sandshark Tooth from Sandsharks.

Thieving Cut Throats: Rob 10 Tomb Robbers.

Lost and Found: Gather 14 Precious Sandsea Relics dropped by Sandsharks and Tomb Robbers.

Sell-Sword Sell-Outs: Defeat ALL of the Horc Sell Swords to complete this quest.

Pyramid (/join pyramid) Must have completed previous quest area.

Speak to Zhoom again for more quests.

Sacred Scarabs: Get 8 Golden Scarabs Shells from Golden Scarabs.

A Noob is Guard: Get 10 Freed Anubis Spirits from the Anubis Deathguards.

Bandages Aids: Fight Mummies for 7 Triple Ply Mummy Wrap.

Keys to the Royal Chamber: Collect the 4 Pharaoh Key Fragments by fighting any monster.

Confront Duat: After you find him a cutscene will play and then you will play a mini-game.

Cave of Wanders (/join wanders) Must have completed previous quest area.

A chained Sek-Duat has your first set of quests.

They've Gone Dark:  Collect 8 Dark Medallions from Kalestri Worshippers.

Bad Doggies: Defeat 10 Kalestri Hounds.

Essentially Evil: Get 10 Evil Essence from Kalestri Hounds and Worshippers.

Loose Threads: Defeat 6 Lotus Spiders.

Seek the Treasure: Discover the Chamber in this maze.  Once you do head back outside the cave.

Zhoom has two quests for you.

Dreamsand: Collect the Dreamsand dropped by a Lotus Spider.

I Dream of...: Fight Sek-Duat 

Sand Castle (/join sandcastle) Must have completed previous quest area.

Sandsational Castle: Explore the castle.

Fury Furry: Grab 10 War Hyena Pelts from the War Hyena.

Keeping Secrets Under Wraps: Fight the War Mummy for Zahart's Plans.

Gem Jam: Collect 5 Gate Gems dropped by the monsters.

Enter the Sphinx: Battle the Sphinx Chaos Beast.

Djinn Realm (/join djinn) Must have completed previous quest area.

In the realm of the Djinn, Efreet has your quests.

Unlamented Lamia: Get 10 Lamia Snakeskin from the Lamia.

E-vas-sive Measures: Go back to Oasis (/join sandsea) and destroy Vases for 5 Freed Air Djinns.

Tri-hump-hant Camels: Again return to Oasis and fight Camels for 7 Humps of Clay.

I Don't Mean to Harp On It: Collect 10 Harpy Feathers dropped by the Harpy.

In-djinn-ious Solution: Put 5 Portal Mist Placed around the area.

Chaos Lord Tibicenas: Defeat Tibicenas.  A very very difficult battle, you will want to bring a lot of friends.

Huzzah! The Sandsea's peaceful ways have returned with the demise of the 8th Chaos Lord.

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