Drakath Invades Earth

Where in the World is the Champion of Chaos?

As the 13th Lord of Chaos marches their army across Lore, we asked you where Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, would strike in OUR world!* We've received so many sightings already, and more are flooding in every hour! (How does he travel so fast?!)

Documented Champion of Chaos Sightings

So far, the Champion of Chaos has appeared in locations throughout the world... but we need you to show us all the other locations he's Chaorrupted!

In Paris, by Tyler Olmsted

In Egypt, by Lyvia Melo

At a Justin Bieber concert, by BlackShockArts

On the Moon (O_O), by Lord_Drakyle

In Texas, by Saphire9135 

In Jakarta, by Ghoffarijal 

In Dubai, by Polearm_AE

In Brasil, by Akizutsu
Leading penguins, by Sora to Hoshi 

At AE Headquarters (Nooooooooo!), by Boxer502 

In Beleen's Car (O_O!!!), by Beleen

Attacking Big Ben in England, by UltraMegasus

* Want to get in on the fun? Read the Design Notes post here to find out how to send us YOUR Champion of Chaos Sighting!

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