Doomwood Part 1


Part 1

Lightguard Keep

/join lightguard

Cutscene triggers upon joining for the first time. Night falls in Swordhaven and the ill King Alteon summons you.

Artix, Cysero, and Beleen join you in support as Alteon grows weaker and he slips closer to Chaos. After a promise has been made, he now requests a private audience with you. No big deal, just a large problem that you need to keep Artix out of and it must be done at all costs.

Lightguard is the hubtown for the Doomwood Saga.  You'll find vendors, weapon and hair shops and if you ever get lost see Lady Speedstyck.  She'll point you in the right direction.

Doomwood Forest

/join doomwood

Arryd the Paladin is up to his ears in undead.  Help him proect the Keep!

Bony Battalion: 3 Balls of Ectoplasm from Doomwood Ectomancer, 4 BoneSpike Collar from Doomwood Bonemuncher, 4 Distal Fingerbones from Doomwood Solider.

Warrior Rez-queue: 5 Warriors Rescued. Walk around the forest to find them. The warriors resemble golden Pactagonal Knights.

Bone-tired Backup: 1 Warrior Reinforced. Go west of Lightguard Keep, go up one screen, and turn left to enter the room below to battle the undead Artix style. About 5 Undead defeated should suffice, however, to unlock the Challenge Shop, you’ll need more friends, a couple potions, and enough endurance to last you through 100 Undead.

Reconnaissance Route: 1 Path Cleared. Go west of Lightguard Keep, go down one screen, and keep fighting the undead until you reached a certain Undead Paladin.

Fight Against Shadowed Light: 1 Journal Entry from Undead Paladin.

Camouflage: Skelly-Style: 5 Muncher Mandibles from Doomwood Bonemuncher, 10 Ecto-Coated Cloth Scraps from Doomwood Ectomancer, 5 Stained Skulls from Doomwood Bonemuncher, 10 Fractured Tibia from Doomwood Soldier.

De(ad)caption: After accepting the quest, a cutscene will play and you will automatically /join doomundead where you keeping moving right until another cutscene plays where you will experience the irony. The problem is after viewing the cutscene, you will be forced to fight the paladins at the keep, but the fighting part is optional. Don’t worry. You won’t be undead forever unless you want to buy the permanent versions of your disguise.

Chopping Maul

After you are restored to normal, Vayle will be in the Lightguard Keep where you will begin the next part of your adventure in Doomwood. You just have to detain Artix first to keep him from falling into Vordred’s clutches.

/join maul

As a treat, you get to go to a big mall. Undead and teenage girls enjoy shopping and hanging out at malls so much, but all you can do for the time being is window shop and find Zorbak for some information regarding Vordred.

Zorbak’s Hideout: 1 Hideout Unhidden. Fight your way through the mall until it appears in temporary inventory.

Stink-tuary: 13 Stinky Candles Placed. Go around the mall and click on the blue arrows.
The Infected: 6 Slimeskulls Quarantined from SlimeSkulls, 2 Choppers Quarantined from Personal Choppers.

Chopping Spree: 10 Body Part Donations from SlimeSkulls, Shelletons, and Personal Choppers, 2 Piles o’ Parts. Go into the swamp and click on the blue arrows shown below to make the Pile o’ Parts appear before you.

Gravestop the Creature: 1 Creature Uncreated from Creature Creation.

Also, some secret key drops from this boss that lets you access whatever Zorbak is hiding in his hideout. It’s called Zorbak’s Secret G-Rave Key. Can you find it?

Necro Tower

/join necrotower

See eyeCOM for quests.

ID What You Did There: 5 Pain-pers from Doomwood Treeant, 5 Toxic Goo from Slimeskulls.

The Ego and the ID:  1 Nekron CruelPix Camera from Doomwood Soldier, 1 Tombstone-Tuff (tm) Case from Doomwood Soldier.

An IDeal Seal: 1 Seal Components from Doomwood Bonemuncher.

Need for Speed (Reading): 1 Books Read: Click on every single open book in the room below as quick as you can.

When you’re done speed-reading, you will enter ten floors worth of challenges. They all require a good memory to get through.

After you will have to complete a mini-game which has you navigate through the floors of the Tower.  A guide will be posted shortly.  You can search youtube for walk-thrus too.

Necro U

/join necrou

Need a hand getting to class? Ask the Ghoul-dence Counselor where you are scheduled to go.  Must have completed An IDeal Seal quest to access this area.  See all the professors for their quests.

Professor Ghoulliver

Silence is Ghoulden: 10 Ghouls Silenced from Ghoul.

Ghouls with Gal: 5 Ghoulstones Placed. Walk around the hallways and click on the blue arrows you see.

Goals for Ghouls and Other Undead: 1 Undead Wishes from Ghoul, 1 Undead Dreams from Doomwood Soldier, 1 Undead Ambitions from Doomwood Soldier.

Professor Bonevert

Knee Bone’s Connected to the Thigh Bone: 6 Bonesets Bloom. Exit the hallway and go outside as you move toward the entrance. The Bonesets are found in the first three screens.

Hip Bone’s Connected to the Back Bone: 3 Hip Bones from Doomwood Soldier, 3 Back Bones from Doomwood Soldier.

Back Bone’s Connected to the Neck Bone: 3 Bonemuncher Collars (scattered across the school.), 7 Splint-wood from Doomwood Treeant.

Professor Goordan

Slip n’ Slimes: 5 Slimebubbles (go to the end of the hallway in both directions and you see puddles of slime near the goo. There is one scattered to the right of the lobby.), 5 Sheets of Slime from Slimeskull.

Sl-eye-me: 5 Smooshed-Slime Eyes (Walk around the hallways and click on the slime puddles with eyes on them. Those are the Smooshed-Slime Eyes.)

Professor Skullz

Bones over Brawn: 6 Empty Skulls from Doomwood Soldier.

Skullton Skulls: 3 Skulls (They are scattered in the hall. If you see one laying around, click on it.), 3 Shelleton Shells (Walk around the hallway and click on the blue arrows once you find them.), 3 Shelleton Bale Culled from Shelleton.

Light Temple

/join temple

To help free the Stone Paladin you'll have to fight your way down through the temple.  The quests button is in the top right-hand corner for each level.

Level 1: 5 Slimeskull Trophies from SlimeSkull, 5 Munched Boneshards from Doomwood Bonemuncher, 5 Shelleton Shrapnels from Shelleton
Level 2: 6 Corrupted Runes (The Corrupted Runes are small stones with glowing red runes on them. They are located on the first two floors.), 10 Necrotic Runes from Undead Mage, 3 Ecto-covered Runes from Doomwood Ectomancer
Level 3: 1 Ghoulish Gear from Ghoul, 1 Habiliment from Lich
Level 4: 8 Aether Torches (Reenter the previous floors and place the torches on the blues arrows. If you go back to the current room, the blue arrows will show up there as well.), 10 Flames Extinguished from Skeletal Fire Mage
Level 5: 1 Auroral Key from Doomwood Ectomancer or SlimeSkull
Level 6: 5 Masticated Mandibles from , 5 Freed Souls from Sanguine Souleater
Level 7: 12 Cast-off Armors. (scattered throughout the seven floors.)
Level 8: 1 Conflagration Orb from Skeletal Fire Mage, 1 Ectoplasmic Orb from Doomwood Ectomancer
Level 9: 8 Anti-Ghoulstones (Revisit the previous floors and click on the blue arrows if you see them.), 10 Ghouls Gone from Ghoul
Level 10: 1 Luminous Key from Ghoul, Doomwood Ectomancer, or Skeleton Fighter
Level 11: 10 Benevolence Beacon (Revisit the previous several floors and click on the blue arrows if you see them.) 10 Souls Soothed from Sanguine Souleaters
Level 12: 1 Slime-Soaked Skull from SlimeSkull, 1 Ecto-Covered Core from Doomwood Ectomancer
Level 13: 12 Aether Orbs (Go up the previous several floors, including this current level, and click on the purple floating orbs. Those are the Aether Orbs.)
Level 14: 15 Skulls from Doomwood Solider, Skeleton Fighter, or Skeleton
Level 15: 1 Incandescent Key from Lich, Ghoul, or Slimeskull
Level 16: 10 Warning Skulls (Go up the previous several floors, including this current level, and click on the blue arrows you see.)
Level 17: 1 Spiky Collar from Doomwood Bonemuncher, 1 Vertebrae Trophy from Skeleton
Level 18: 5 Tattered Necronomicons from Undead Mage, 5 Scorched Necronomicons from Skeletal Fire Mage
Level 19: 6 Bonemuncher Bones (Not from the actual Doomwood Bonemunchers, but there are shivering Bonemunchers cowering on the walls on Levels 17, 18, 19. Click on those Bonemunchers, but keep in mind some may be subtly seen if a monster is behind them.) 10 Screaming Shell-skulls from Shelleton, 3 Grinning Jawbones from Skeleton.
Level 20: 1 Radiant Key from Lich, Skeleton Fighter, or Doomwood Soldier.
Defy the Dracolich: 1 Temple Key.

Restore the Tome: 10 Untorn Tome Pages (These pages are scattered throughout the crypt. Revisit the previous floors to collect blank pieces of parchment.)
Recover the Pages: 10 Restored Tome Pages from any monster in /temple.
Reconstruct the Codex: 1 Final Tome Page from CryptKeeper Lich.

After clearing the temple you can accept the Stone Paladin's quest.

Galvanize the Guardian: Buy the Scroll of Cure Petrification from the merge shop.

Shadowfall War

/join shadowfallwar

Noxus is not available in his office right now. He’s trying to take over Shadowfall as the cutscene plays. He turns Gravelyn’s undead against her and holds her prisoner. It is up to you, Cysero, and Beleen to save Gravelyn and find out what Vordred could possibly be planning next, but you must battle the undead army in Shadowfall to get to Noxus.

Minion Morale (optional): 15 Un-Dead Tags from any monster in the war.

Shadowfall is DOOMed (optional): 1 To Do List of Doom from any monster in the war.

Grave-lyn Danger (optional): 1 Skeleton Key from any monster in the war.

Next: ArcAttack

Written by Occavatra

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