How To Play AQWorlds - 4. Battling

4: Battling

Battling monsters is easy! Just Left-Click on a monster which is labeled with a Red Name

Select a monster by just Left-Clicking on it. To attack, click on the left most skill (or any skill but the first skill is preferred) you can also press the 1-5 keys on your keyboard to activate a skill. The 6th skill is for potions.


To determine how hard a monster is, check the amount of stars there is under the monster’s portrait. A monster can have 1-5 stars, the more stars, the harder the monster is! Ultra-Carnax here has a total of 4 stars indicating he is a “Hard” monster.

●    1 Star – Very Easy
●    2 Stars – Easy
●    3 Stars – Normal
●    4 Stars – Hard
●    5 Stars – VERY HARD

 When you defeat a monster they will drop gold, experience and class points!  Make sure you fight monster's close to your level  If you're a high level and fight low level enemies you will not gain any points.


At times they will drop an item or A LOT OF ITEMS!

You can double the amount of Experience, Gold, Class Points and Rep by using boosts! To use a boost open your inventory and click on the boost.

Once you use the boost. It will last for the indicated amount of time. (In this case 20 minutes).  You will get a message when your boost has expired.

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