How To Play AQWorlds - 3. The Battle Bar

3: The Battle Bar

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This is the most important part of the user interface. You’ll be using this to chat, battle foes and do other things!

At the very bottom of the Battle Bar in the green box is your gold counter. This keeps track of all the gold you currently have. The bar to the left is your Class Points bar. This shows how much progress you’ve made to ranking up your Class. Hover the cursor over it to show how many Class Points (CP) you have, the current rank and percentage completed. As you gain class points this bar will turn green.  The bar to the right is the Experience bar. This acts the same way as the Class Points bar but for experience points (XP). By filling this up (turns purple) you will level up your hero and become stronger!

The red box shows where you can put text to chat with others. Just enter the text and click “send” (or press Enter) The little arrow pointing up (or down) will expand (or close) the chat window. By clicking the horizontal lines to the right of that will bring up a list of staff approved chat options and emotes.

Emotes. Right click for larger image

Legend Only Emotes. Right click for larger image

The yellow box shows your class skills. Each class has five skills, the first one always being your auto-attack. Hover the cursor over the skills to show what each skill does and when in battle, by left-clicking on them will activate the skill or you can press the 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 key on your keyboard to activate them as well. Using a skill will use up some mana and after using it, it will have to cooldown before you can use it again.

The blue box shows an array of different options:

The Red-Blue heart is “Rest” click this or type “/rest” and your character will regain Health and Mana when not in battle.

The suit of armor is the “Character” option. Click this will bring up a small menu with five options: Character Page, Guild, Friends, Reputations, Stats & Classes.

The scroll with an “!” over it is the quest option. Clicking it will show the “Quests and Temp Items" options.

The paper with an “N” on it is the map:


There are 4 tabs on the map screen. The first one being the “Town of Battleon” tab. This tab will show you every landmark in the town of Battleon. Click on any of the buttons and you will be warped to the corresponding location.

Tab two is the “Story” tab:

In this tab you can warp to any area of the main story. Click the “!” button and the map will move toward the next saga you have not finished.

The third tab is the “World Map”:

Here you can see every location in the world of lore. To move you can click and drag the map around with your mouse or hover over any of the four arrows. Click on the “Lore Center” button to have the map move to the center. The “-“ and “+” buttons Zoom In and Out.

The fourth and final tab is the “Area”:

In this view you will see every location in a certain area. Click on the arrows to move to another area.

The house button is exactly what it is. It takes you to your house! (or /join buyhouse if your don’t have one).

The Book is the “Book of Lore” This contains a lot of information on the storyline and side-stories as well as badges and special shops.

The gears is the “Option” button. Clearly this brings up the games options:

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Helpful links including to the Help Pages, Character Page and Manage Account.  Let's you turn off/on specific things in the game like pets, helms, invites, or private messages.   

The treasure chest is the “Game Menu” option:

A quick look at all the activities currently going on in games.  Links to the most recent releases, storyline, shops and more.  Changes as the game updates.

And lastly is the backpack called the “Inventory”:

At the top are tabs that sort out your inventory: All, Weapons, Armors & Classes, Helmets, Capes, Pets, Amulets, Items and Quest Items.

Finally, the top right corner shows what room you’re in and how many players are in it, in this case there is 1 player oaklore-4. Click the arrow to show a list of every player that’s in the room.

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