13th Lord of Chaos: The Hero

13th Lord of Chaos

Mount Doom Skull

Finally after five years in the making, after dealing with Drakath's Chaos Lords and taunting, it is finally time to confront the 13th Lord of Chaos.*

*Currently happening in game, will update as releases happen.

Mount Doom Skull (/join mountdoomskull)

Loremaster Maya only has one quest for you, but it's a big one.  As you make your way up the mountain you will need to defeat each monster on the screen to continue to the next area.  A cutscene recapping the previous Chaos Lords plays.

Confront the Champion of Chaos: Find Drakath and then try to defeat him.

World War Lore (/join worldwarlore)

Fight to save Lore!  Chaos is conquering!  WillowCreek, Doomwood and Darkovia all have fallen.  Loremaster Maya will tell you what to defend if you side with the Alliance, or attack if you fight for Chaos.

Save Battleon: As Chaos wreaks havoc across the world, EVERYONE takes up their blades when they in Battleon! (/join BattleonWar)

Learn Your True Identity: Face Drakath (/join drakathfight) to learn your true identity!

Help Gravelyn Raise Shadowfall: The Empress of the Shadowscythe can wait no longer! /Join shadowrise to watch as she gathers the remains of the Alliance and raises her fallen dracolich fortress once more!

Gravelyn Attacks Mount DoomSkull:  /Join shadowattack to face Death as Gravelyn faces Drakath at Mount DoomSkull

The End is HERE!: /join confrontation to take down Drakath!

SHE IS COMING!: Fight all the previous Chaos Lords in /join chaosrealm and see how the 13 Lords of Chaos Saga ends!

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