How To Play AQWorlds - 10: Legends & Adventure Coins

10: Legends & Adventure Coins

Legends are players who show support by getting a Legend upgrade. You can tell who is a legend and who’s not by the color of their name.

Legends have a blue name while Non-Legends have a white name.
Buying a legend upgrade gives you these advantages:
●    3,000+ Legend only Pets, Weapons and more!
●    Gain Access to Exclusive Areas, Stories and Boss Battles!
●    Create and run your own guild!
●    Log into the Legend only servers: Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver!
●    20+ Legend only classes like Paladin, DoomKnight, Bard and more!
●    Special Emotes, 2 free treasure chest keys, Duel Wield, Unlock chat and much more!

Legend only gear have gold names while viewing your inventory or shops.

If you log in within seven days of your Legend Bonus expires you get this message in the chat box:


Adventure Coins (AC) are a special kind of currency that you can buy and spend on AWESOME gear, Inventory and Bank Spaces and any item that’s worth AC’s or labeled as an AC item can be stored in your bank for free and DON’T take up space in your bank! AC items of have a picture of an Adventure Coin next to their name while viewing your inventory or a shop. AC items cannot be deleted but they can be sold or stored in the bank.

I should use some of those boosts shouldn’t I.

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