Chaos Fan Art Winners: Escherion

1st Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

If you read my previous post here, then you already understand the chaos that ensued when narrowing down all the amazing Chaos Fan Art Contest entries.

Summer Chaos Contest Fan Art 

It was our toughest Chaos battle to date, but we turned out victorious with the help of our dedicated volunteers and talented artists (aka our beloved AQW heroes like you)!

chaos dropbox

Since there are not enough Server Hamsters in all of Lore to handle the AWESOMENESS of this contest, we are uploading all our chosen winners to the 2014 Chaos Contest Winners Dropbox! Click the pic to see ‘em all, or keep on reading as we announce the winners!

Grand Prize Winner: 1st Lord of Chaos

Congratulations, Akkiles! You are our Grand Prize Winner in the Escherion category!


Within the next few days, you shall receive: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item! You did a chaotically fantastic job, Akkiles!

2nd Place Winners: 1st Lord of Chaos









Within the next few days, each of you will receive: 800 AdventureCoins, the color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Great job everyone! 

3rd Place Winners: 1st Lord of Chaos

View the Dropbox folder here to see all the 3rd Place Winners! Major props to:

Karidn, kevs2town30, SweetCavalcade, Yobithefriendly, Lord Rafael, Seno the Dark, Aruzcaldo, orc orc orc2nd, Sega Phantom, and wawa_me.

Sega Phantom

Within the next couple of days, you’ll each receive: 500 AdventureCoins each, Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon, and the Art of Chaos Character Page Badge. Super work!

Runner Ups: 1st Lord of Chaos

Here’s the Dropbox folder to see all the Runner Ups:

Zypr0, ap0ll0, Kartos Si Botax, Aldy_d, Dailyx, Garuhmoon, My Uchiha, xFeathKeep, Angell Killeer, L NIA L, Razboinicul_ro, and Airjordan30.


Each one of you will get 200 AdventureCoins and the Art of Chaos character page badge. YAAY!

Above and Beyond: 1st Lord of Chaos

Wow—and we mean WOW. Fellow player Bruexitan06 created this MASSIVE comic strip of his battle against Chaos Lord Escherion. Click the pic to view the entire thing in all its glory (warning—it’s HUGE)!


Please accept our gift of 600 AdventureCoins, a color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge. The entire AQW team is looking forward to your future comics!

3 /cheers!

Aaaaannd there you have it! These are your Chaos Lord Escherion Fan Art winners! Let’s give a huge round of applause for everyone to entered! /cheer /cheer /cheer!

(Remember winners, it will take a few days for us to get all the prizes in your hands and inventory bags, so please be patient as we are only humans and don’t have super powers… yet.)

Stay tuned to the Design Notes, as we will announce our 2nd Lord of Chaos Fan Art contest winners tomorrow.

Until then… battle on!

Xoxo Beleen =D

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