Chaos Fan Art Winners: Kimberly

6th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Rock n’ roll concerts can get pretty wild… but none can compare to the literal battle-of-the-bands with Chaos Lord Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll! Here are the Chaos Lord Kimberly fan art submissions that hit the high note amongst the AQW team, and totally deserve a standing ovation (aaand prizes).

Grand Prize Winner: 6th Lord of Chaos

Encore! Encore! EixandrieL created this spectacular Fan Art of Chaos Lord Kimberly! 

Chaos lord kimberly grand prize


For your meticulous masterpiece, please accept: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (which will be released at a future date)! Now… how can we convince EixandrieL to make one of Beleen? =)

2nd Place Winners: 6th Lord of Chaos

one eyed doll chibi art

E k a

Kimberly one eyed doll colored pencils

Teva The God

Kimberly anime

Ash Kun Uchiha

Shadowslayer Rei kimberly concert

Shadowslayer Rei

Kimberly freeman fan art guitar


Kimberly Pony Gary Yellow Discordia


6 second place winners?! Yup—Kimberly was our most popular Chaos Lord category so far, and we received so many stellar submissions, so we decided to add 2 more slots in the 2nd place winners. Each of you will get: 800 AdventureCoins, the color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Rock on!

3rd Place Winners: 6th Lord of Chaos

Here is the Dropbox folder to see all the 3rd Place Winners! Our third place winners are: Olinda123, danielpdark, Andrea Kasane, Celestia Arcanfall, Janey1222, Miz1for1u, StuffedCthulhu, Nelly_Sonamy, hacker232388, and Beauminx.

Chaos lord kimberly painting

Each of you will receive: 500 AdventureCoins, the Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon, and the Art of Chaos Character Page Badge. Chaos is music to your ears!

Runner Ups: 6th Lord of Chaos

Click here to view the Dropbox folder with all the Runner Ups, and here’s the list of said winners: Chrixa, Portgaz D Riza, Strikeryuzz, Mika Sasaki, princess selina robe, katy54546, Deadpool, Yuki Shina, Kotomi133, White Chello, Lance8674, Eeedy, frostpanther, and Niella_chan.

chaos kimberly one eyed doll fan art

Each runner up will get 200 AdventureCoins and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Great job, intrepid (music) artists!

Above and Beyond

OMG, now this is music to MY ears! Fellow player Phobia created this chaotically adorable Kimberly and Pony Gary Yellow, inspired by the Internet’s favorite kitty cat meme!

chibi kawaii one eyed doll mmorpg game

For your chaotic craftsmanship, Phobia will get 600 AdventureCoins, the Color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Kawaii Chaos Kimberly!

So very talented, but…

Yesterday I explained the differences between Referencing and Tracing artwork. And today, the entire AQW team was all =’( because we had to disqualify the following Chaos Lord Kimberly entry:

difference between tracing and referencing

Most great artists find inspiration by referencing another’s artwork. But, as you can see, this Kimberly entry falls within the definition of tracing. Of course, the guitar was changed, the outfit heavily modified, and the facial expression and hair was all unique… but the pose, the outline, and the fingers all came directly from the above image.

This Kimberly artist (I hid their name for privacy) is obviously extremely talented and a gifted artist, but sadly, we cannot award them a prize due to the fact that this is not their own original artwork. Had they merly referenced the photo, and created something new and unique using the anime girl’s photo as inspiration, then we would have awarded them the Grand Prize—but we have to disqualify them as it is not original artwork =(

Do not be discouraged, player-who-shall-not-be-named! You possess AMAZING talent, and we know you’re capable of creating a masterpiece using your own imagination (and photo editing software of choice).

We look forward to seeing your newest entry in the next contest <3

You rocked it, everyone!

Let’s give a round of applause for our Chaos Lord Kimberly winners! …aaand the crowd. Goes. Wild! (Woah, did a mosh pit start over there, too?!)

(Winners: it might take a few days to get the prizes added to your inventory, and we’re working on creating the Grand Prize winners’ work into in-game house items, so thank you for your patience!)

Stay tuned to the Design Notes, as we will announce our 7th Lord of Chaos Fan Art contest winners tomorrow.

Rock Out in Battle On!

xoxo Beleen \m/ 

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