Chaos Fan Art Winners: 13th Lord of Chaos

Grand Prize Winner: 13th Lord of Chaos

 Mechaprime  00

Mechaprime 00

This is true CHAOS! Fellow player Mechaprime 00 really knows what it means to be a Chaos Lord, and for that, we wish to award them with 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, and their art as an in-game House Item (to be released at a future date)!

2nd Place Winners: 13th Lord of Chaos

 Grim Deal

Grim Deal

Syrius VII

Syrius VII

Moonshine Empress

MoonShine Empress

Dragon Mage1

Dragon mage1





Angelina Gee

Angelina Gee



Monster ownage

monster ownage 

Oh if only we had room in the Grand Prize slot to award all of you, too! So amazing—you’re true artists of chaos! Our chaotic 2nd place winners will receive: 800 AdventureCoins, the color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge.

3rd Place Winners: 13th Lord of Chaos

Check out the Dropbox folder to see all the third Place Winners! Our 3rd place winners are:

  • AnaMaria98
  • Beowulf the Second
  • Blood_Prince
  • chaos miku hatsune
  • danese
  • Daniel Swan
  • Fire Virga
  • Kisaraghi
  • Lesalex
  • ling yo lu
  • N O T
  • Narcotle
  • Noctis Jenova
  • syazo14
  • Uchiha Sasuke
  • xWeeeL
  • XxSwiftShadowxX
  • Yagura Sanbi
  • Yokel
  • Yukichanaru


Each of you will receive: 500 AdventureCoins, the Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon, and the Art of Chaos Character Page Badge.

Runner Ups

Here’s the Dropbox folder with all the Runner Ups in it, and here’s our list:

  • ace flame alson
  • Argus12
  • arwan dxd
  • Ashtarra
  • bahamutrix
  • Bakegil
  • Blue Ace 1998
  • Boom u Doom
  • Chosentwo345
  • Cinnabrand
  • cydonia
  • darkmalco
  • Darkness Legion
  • Earnesto
  • Joe_32
  • Junior of Drakath
  • King Denvon
  • kokoroko23994
  • malas_man
  • Menino_rush
  • Meraja
  • mikosjk
  • Mileena2012
  • Osiris6540
  • Runester333
  • rush204
  • sam2000
  • scion of shadow claw
  • Sombryo007
  • star craft 76
  • Strato Fyrebrand
  • Warriorsordy June
  • Xlr8784


Please accept 200 AdventureCoins and the Art of Chaos Character Page Bade.

Above and Beyond



Crazy Killer45




chaos marks original link

The Original Link

These four Chaos Lords (and Ladies!) really went above and beyond creating their chaotic masterpieces. Each of you will get the Above and Beyond prize bounty of: 600 AdventureCoins, a Color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge.

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D

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