Enhancements are Magical!

Add Enhancements to your favorite items to increase their damage and boost your stats! Freely build up your character any way you choose with 10 different Enhancement types that can increase your Strength, Intellect, Endurance, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Luck. Apply Enhancements to Helms, Armors, Weapons, and Capes by buying them from Shop Vendors and Class Trainers. The right Enhancement can make all the difference—so read up before you Enhance up!



Ideal for hand-to-hand combat warriors, the Fighter Enhancement increases your Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance stats. This Enhancement also buffs your Attack Power, Hit Chance, and Hit Points, which are what Melee fighters rely most on. Some Classes that benefit most from Fighter Enhancements are Blood Ancients, DoomKnights, and Defenders. Fighter Enhancements are sold by Thok the Warrior Trainer in the Trainers Loge in Battleon Town, Galanoth the Dragonslayer in Vasalkar’s Lair, and Dusk the DoomKnight in Shadowfall.



Looking to improve your Intellect, Endurance, and Wisdom stats? The Healer Enhancement is your best bet! Perfect for kind-hearted casters, the Healer Enhancement adds a significant amount of Intellect and Endurance with some Wisdom buffs. Some Classes that benefit most from Healer Enhancements are Acolytes, Bards, and Elemental Dracomancers. Speak with Juvania the Healer Trainer in the Trainers Lodge in Battleon Town to get Healer type Enhancements.




Feelin’ lucky? You will be with the Lucky Enhancement! Lucky Enhancements add a huge amount of Luck stats and slightly improves all other stats. The higher your Luck, the greater the chance at landing a Critical Strike. Every Class in AQWorlds benefits from Lucky Enhancements, especially CardClashers! Lucky Enhancements are sold by Cysero the Mad Weaponsmith in Yulgar’s Inn. He’s in the upstairs bathroom. In the bathtub. With all his clothes on. A Mad Weaponsmith has to keep clean somehow, right?




Those heroes who heavily rely on Magical-based abilities should equip their gear with Spellbreaker Enhancements. Spellbreaker Enhancements increase Intellect, Dexterity, Endurance, and Luck, helping improve your Magic Power and Critical Strike chance. Many Caster-type Classes benefit from the Spellbreaker Enhancement, like MindBreakers, Shamans, and Sorcerers. Speak with Rayst the Master of the Tower in Arcangrove to buy Spellbreaker Enhancements.



If you want to be a master of stealth and secrecy, the Thief Enhancement is perfect for you. Thief Enhancements primarily increase your Dexterity stats, with some added Strength and Endurance. The higher your Dexterity, the higher your Haste and Hit Chance. Some Classes that benefit most from Thief Enhancements are DeathKnights, Dragonlords, and Rogues. Seek out Metrea the Rogue Trainer at Battleon Town’s Trainers Lodge and Elissa Keelhaul the Pirate Trainer in Lolosia to obtain Thief Enhancements.



You’re a Wizard, Hero! And that means you’re going to need an Enhancement that increases your Intellect, Wisdom, Luck, and Endurance stats. The Wizard Enhancement does just that, helping buff your Spell Power to boost your magical damage. Some Classes that benefit most from Wizard Enhancements are ChronoCorruptors, Paladin Slayers, and Vindicators of They. Speak with Arcana the Mage Trainer at the Trainers Lodge in Battleon Town to buy Wizard Enhancements.



Masters of many different fighting styles heavily rely on Hybrid Enhancements to achieve victory. The Hybrid Enhancement improves Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, and Endurance stats, helping buff your Attack Power, Spell Power, Haste, Hit Chance, and Hit Points. Melee- and Magical-based heroes find Hybrid Enhancements very useful, although some Classes like Evolved Clawsuits, Ninjas, and Paladins benefit the most. Hybrid Enhancements are offered by Mazumi the Ninja Trainer in Greenguard Forest, Artix the Paladin in the Swordhaven Inn, and Tarvarya the Rustbucket Trainer at the Crash Site.10



Enhancements are great for buffing certain Stats, but what if you’re looking to increase each and every one of your Stats? The Adventurer Enhancement is your best bet! Available for levels 41-45, the Adventurer Enhancement improves your Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Endurance, Wisdom, and Luck when applied to your Class, Cape, Helm, and Weapon. Get your Adventurer Enhancements by clicking the “Enhancements” button in Battleon, and then click the “Shop” button to view available Enhancements.



Fight fire with… Spitfire! Much like the Adventurer Enhancement, Spitfire buffs all of your stats across the board, but has a special added bonus: the chance of unleashing fireballs upon your foes during battle! Spitfire Enhancements can only be applied to your Weapons, and are only available for upgraded Members. Additionally, Spitfire is only available at levels 1 and 40. Get your Spitfire Enhancements by clicking the “Enhancements” button in Battleon, and then click the “Shop” button and scroll all the way down to find the Spitfire Enhancements.


One Eyed Gem

As you are melting the faces of your foes, why not throw some fireballs into the mix? The band One-Eyed Doll inspired this exclusive Member-only Enhancement during the live Chaos Lord Discordia event. The One Eyed Gem Enhancement buffs all of your stats and has a chance to produce a fireball during battle, but is only available at levels 20 and 30. Complete Mr. Wavell’s quests in the One-Eyed Doll backstage area to receive the One Eyed Gem Enhancement!

Wanna find out more about Enhancements and how they work?
Check out the Enhancement Chapter in the Player Handbook by clicking here!

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