Quest Badges

A collection of badges that are awarded either at the end of a battle, completion of a quest or for driving Lim crazy.

2nd Chaos Lord You received this badge for defeating Chaos Lord Xiang!
Blade of Awe You built the legendary Blade of Awe after finding the pieces hidden around Lore!
BLOD Your quest to unlock the Blinding Light of Destiny is complete! You are truly a legendary Hero!
Champion of Chaos You've beaten the Champion of Chaos… but that is not the end of the story! What comes next?!?!
Chaos Harpy You received this badge for defeating the 2nd Beast of Chaos!
Derp Moosefish

Does this badge really prove that you, who have claimed to have found the amazingly rare Derp Moosefish, are not crazy?

Desoloth Freed You have opened the DragonGate and set free the ancient elemental dragon Desoloth.
Endless Doom

You traveled through at least 100 rooms in Grimskull's Dugeon of Doom!


Ravenloss Champion

You defeated 100 ChaosWeavers in honorable combat!


Ravenloss War

You've made peace with the ChaosWeaver Queen and strengthened the Alliance!


Save the Princess

You unlocked this badge by completing the tutorial and saving the Princess!


Stone Cold

This person has freed the Stone Paladin Guardian from his imprisonment!



You stubbornly denied the possibility your path could possibly be the WRONG path.

You Mad Bro?

You make Lim mad! Like crazy mad!


You have completed the AQW tutorial, guided Twilly safely to Battleon and inspired Serval to follow your example. You are a true hero!

This badge is rare.

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