Legend Badges

Upgrading your account has many benefits including badges you can only acquire if you are a Legend.  Badges will remain on your Character Page even if your membership expires.


You unlocked this badge by completing all of Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day quests! ARRR!

This badge is only available during Talk Like A Pirate Day

Cornelis Reborn

Awarded for slaying 100 Gargoyles and unlocking the treasure chest in the Cornelis Family Vault. Thanks to you Cornelis will rise again!

Crtl Alt Del

This badge was awarded to you for helping Ethan from Ctrl + Alt+ Del recover the Winter-een-mas crown!

Master of Time

You have proven that you have mastered time by defeating BOTH Ultra Iadoa and Ultra Kathool! Well done, hero!


Awarded to those who have upgraded their accounts.

PTR Guild tester

Awarded to active AQW members who helped the team test Guilds Phase 1.

This badge is rare.

PTR Lag Tester

Awarded to active AQW Members who helped the team test and reduce the lag in AQW.

This badge is rare.

PTR Tester

Awarded to players who have helped with PTR Testing

This badge is rare.

Skypirate Slayer

Awarded to valiant heroes for aiding the SkyGuard in a time of dire need by slaying 100 SkyPirates.

Sepulchure's Armor

Your quest to unlock the Sepulchure's Armor is complete! You are truly the darkest legendary Hero!

Ultra Carnax

You and your team took down Ultra-Carnax! Victory is yours!

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