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Endless Adventures with AdventureCoins!

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better GOODER! Here is everything you need to know about AdventureCoins.

What are AdventureCoins?

AdventureQuest Worlds has special in-game currency called AdventureCoins. AdventureCoins, or ACs for short, allows you to purchase awesome and rare items throughout your epic travels!

What can I buy with AdventureCoins?

AdventureCoins allow you to buy all sorts of things:

  • Classes
  • Armors
  • Weapons
  • Helmsawesome ac armors
  • Capes
  • Pets
  • Additional Inventory Slots
  • Additional Bank Slots
  • Additional House Slots
  • Consumables & Buffs
  • Resources for Trade Skills
  • Treasure Chest Keys
  • Treasure Map
  • Keys to Unlock Special Shops
  • Reputation Boosts
  • Experience Boosts
  • Gold Boosts
  • Class Experience Boosts

And that’s not all!

Any item purchased with AdventureCoins can be stored in your bank for FREE and FOREVER! There is no limit to how many items you can—and will—collect throughout your adventures. If you want to become a legendary Rare Item Collector, you are going to need AdventureCoins!

ACs woohoo

How much do AdventureCoins cost?

We have all kinds of AdventureCoin bundles for every hero and their wallet!

Free AdventureCoins, maybe?

Maybe indeed! You *might* be able to earn free AdventureCoins through Ballyhoo in-game. Click on the “Free ACs” button in the Game Menu to be taken to Ballyhoo for a chance at earning free AdventureCoins. Good luck!

I Need AdventureCoins! NOW!!!

I know the feeling! Click that red button and order your AdventureCoins today!

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