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You love AdventureQuest Worlds. And AdventureQuest Worlds loves you too! Show your favorite MMO lots of love by becoming a Member today!

Epic Membership Perks

  • Create your own Guild and invite your friends
  • 6,000+ items are Member-Only!
  • AstralMaster 20 special Classes
  • Adopt 1000+ Pets and Battle Pets
  • Access Member-Only Servers
  • Play through Member-Only Storylines and zones loaded with Gold and Exp
  • Get a free 1 hour rep, XP, gold, or Class Points boost every day you log in
  • Receive 2 free Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly at the first of every month
  • Earn 50 ACs for each Treasure Chest Key you sell back
  • Flaunt your Membership Badge on your Character Page
  • Be the first to test new functionality
  • Wield powerful & rare Weapons
  • Equip amazing Armors
  • Dual-wield Swords & Shields
  • Become more powerful with exclusive enhancements
  • Collect Seasonal Rare Items
  • Engage in Challenge Boss Fights
  • Buff the curb appeal of your castle, pirate ship, giant skull, or starship with swanky house items 
  • Unlock an elite Armor Set with the 1 Year Membership Package

Why should I become a Member?

Our wonderful Members make AdventureQuest Worlds possible. Without our Members (...and coffee), AQWorlds could have never accomplished everything bestowed before you... and everything else to come! When you upgrade to a Member, not only are you scoring tons of Membership perks, you are also supporting and fueling the AQWorlds team so that we can continue pumping out new, exciting, and totally epic releases every week of the year. Thank you for making all of this possible!

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How do I become a Member?

Choose the Membership Package that's perfect for you!

3 month mem 

AdventureCoins? What's that?

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better GOODER! AdventureQuest Worlds has special in-game currency called AdventureCoins. AdventureCoins, or ACs for short, allows you to purchase awesome and rare armors, classes, weapons, helms, capes, pets, and various special consumables (like potions, buffs, and food). Buying an item with ACs also lets you store it for FREE FOREVER in your bank! Rare item collectors rejoice!

All right, you’ve convinced me! Where do I buy?

You like shiny red buttons? Just click on them and see what happens!

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