What Is A 1st Upholder?!
One year ago AdventureQuest Worlds went live and people jumped at the chance to be the first to call themselves Members of AQW. These lucky, early supporters of the game became the game's Founders. *Now, we are celebrating AQW's first birthday and offering YOU the chance to support the game and become a 1st Upholder!

*Don't worry Founders, you're getting something REALLY cool for the Birthday too :)

What Does A 1st Upholder Get?!
When you become a 1st Upholder you get a rare Golden Starsword that will never be available again, the coveted 1st Upholder achievement badge on your character page and some CRAZY bragging rights.

This is YOUR chance to grab some of the spotlight for yourself (even if you're already a Founder!)


Sounds Great! How Do I become a 1st Upholder?!
EASY! There are 2 ways!

  1. If you are ALREADY an AdventureQuest Worlds Legend and your membership expires AFTER October 31st, then you're are ALREADY a 1st Upholder. Gratz!

  2. If you help support AQW by upgrading your account with ANY membership (3 months, 6 months or a full YEAR!) OR purchase any Adventure Coin package ANY TIME during the month of October (from the 1st to the 31st) then you become a 1st Upholder!
Any direct purchase will do it! That includes Cell Phone SMS payments, Upgrades using AE Upgrade Cards (Hey Canada! Upgrade Cards are coming to you October 14th!), Any of our other Upgrade methods or even buying the Voltaire's new AQW Deady toy!

If you pay to directly support the game in ANY WAY during the month of October, then you are a 1st Upholder!

Cool! When Do I Get My Super Sweet 1st Upholder Sword and Achievement Badge?
All of the 1st Upholder goodies will arrive November 1st!

1st Upholder

Is There Anything That DOESN'T Work For Becoming A 1st Upholder?!
To become a 1st Upholder you have to support the game DIRECTLY.

  1. Buying the T-Shirts, Toys or MQ Artbook through JINX.COM does NOT count toward 1st Upholder status.

  2. Using our AExtras to get free Adventure Coins does NOT count toward 1st Upholder status.

  3. Using the AQW Battle Bar to get free Adventure Coins does NOT count does NOT count toward 1st Upholder status.

Thanks for Supporting AQ Worlds!
Thanks for playing. We LOVE making the game for you guys and thanks to the support of Founders a year ago, 1st Upholders this month and everyone in between then and now, we get to keep making it better and better by adding new items, armors, classes, pets, quests and more every week!

We're so happy that you could be with us to celebrate our first birthday and we hope that you will stick around for many more birthdays and keep adventuring with us.

Thanks and Battle On!


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