Want to become a Moderator or Staff Member?

So You Wanna Be A Mod...

Cysero here. Every day, either in-game, on Twitter or on Facebook, I get asked if someone can be a mod.

First you need to know the difference between a MOD (or Moderator) and a DEV (or Developer) and a Player Support Team Member.

Developers are the coders, artist/animators, writers and others who build all of the great AE games. We are the ones who write the adventures, program the game engine, write and peform the music, draw the items and animate the monsters and cutscenes.

Player Support Team Members are a team of dedicated individuals who help players with game-related issues such as retrieving lost or stolen accounts, helping with payment issues or technical problems.

Moderators are a another team of dedicated individuals who help players with in-game issues, protect the game from cheaters and people who misbehave and try to make the game less fun for others or break the Terms of Service agreement in some other way. They are the team who review your reports and hand out bans and mutes as necessary.

All Admins (Devs, Mods and Player Support) have gold names in AQW. We have certain rights, special Admin powers, and a boat-load of responsabilities to deal with on a daily basis to help keep the game going strong.

Now that you know the difference... We're not looking for ANY ADMINS right now - we just added a bunch of mods to the Moderator Team for AQW and we're fully staffed.

You still want to know how to become a Mod? Here's how. Pay very close attention.

  1. MODS become mods by invite only. If you ASK to be made a mod, then you will not even be considered. Unless, of course, we ASK you to e-mail us.

  2. You must be 18 years old or older to even be considered for Mod status.
    When we are looking for Devs to join the AE team and build games with us, we usually look for people with a university degree in their field and/or several years of professional work experience and usually start in an unpaid assistant developer position . We are always on the look out for amazingly talented individuals but we are not hiring Dev's right now either.

  3. You must apply when a call for Mods goes out. When we need Moderators, we will put an announcement in the Design Notes with EXACTLY what information we need from you in order to be considered. If you send in a good application with ALL the information required, then you may be considered, if you've got what we're looking for.

I'm super glad that you all want to help out in the game... thank you all for that but, again, we're not even looking for mods, devs or player support team members right now.

Also keep in mind that the gold name can be a lot of fun but it's also a lot of hard work and we expect a lot from our mods. You are representing the game so you have to be mature, smart, very patient and be able to take a lot of abuse from angry players. You have to help everyone that you can, you have to answer the same questions over and over and over and smile while you do it. You have to have unlimited patience in dealing with people wanting to know why they can't have more free stuff. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Thank you!

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