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What do I do if I have an unauthorized, fraudulent or duplicate payment?

What is an Unauthorized, Fraudulent or Duplicate payment?
An unauthorized payment can mean that someone you know has made a payment with your financial information without permission. A fraudulent payment can mean a stranger stole your credit card or it is lost and someone made a payment. A duplicate payment is where the same character receives the same upgrade more than once on the same day and time.

Please be aware that we cannot initiate transactions from our end; we can only receive them. This is because only PlaySpan/UltimatePay (PayPal & credit/debit card payments), ClickandBuy or any of the other payment companies we use receives your payment information, we never receive your payment information. This means that we cannot bill you. We cannot charge you. We can only receive a payment from you. We never receive any financial information such as a credit card number.

Unauthorized or Fraudulent Payment
If you see an unauthorized or fraudulent payment on your PayPal account or financial statement, do not panic! We will be happy to help you and are able to refund most payments based on our Refund Policy and do make exceptions if it is a severe case, but it is to the sole discretion of our customer service department. We are sorry, we cannot refund SMS phone payments and you will have to contact your phone company and Boku/Allopass for a refund. Here is the information you need to list in the comment section of our email webform that you are not already prompted to fill out. This information is necessary for us to find the payments in our system and assist you:

1. Buyer Name (first and last name)
2. Player Email (email used for game account(s) if different from buyer email)
3. Dates, prices and descriptions of each payment
4. Billing address (this is only used for search purposes)

Please note, if there are also payments made to other Artix Entertainment games, please also list that in the comments section with as much information as you have.

Duplicate Payment
Please send us all of the above information requested for unauthorized/fraudulent payments. You will need to indiciate which payments(s) are okay and which are duplicate. True duplicate payments can be refunded based on our Refund Policy.

If you do not know some of the payment information, you may need to contact the payment company who processed your payment(s). Please do not ask them for a refund, as they will either not be able to give you one without our company's assistance, or if you initiate a dispute/chargeback, it can take 2-3 times longer to receive a refund when refunds processed directly through us are much more quicker and hassle free.

PlaySpan/UltimatePay (PayPal & credit/debit card payments)
Allopass (you will need to pick your country in the top right)

You can also email PlaySpan/UltimatePat directly via or if you are in the US can call the following numbers: 434-984-0007 or 1-877-703-6339.

If another payment method has been used and you do not know how to contact the payment company, please indicate that in your email and we will provide you with contact information.

Click here to send us an email about an unauthorized, fraudulent or duplicate payment.

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