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How do I verify or unverify my AQWorlds account with my AQ/DF/MQ account?

AQWorlds offers special perks to players if they have their account verified with an upgraded AdventureQuest Guardian account, DragonFable DragonLord (Amulet) account and/or a MechQuest StarCaptain account.

If you verify your AQWorlds accounts to any one of these upgraded game accounts, you get access to those game specific verification shops in AQWorlds. You can only get the game specific verification items if you have a verified account.

Here is how you verify these game accounts to your AQWorlds account:

Please note, verification items are only useable on verified accounts. If you remove your verification, you lose the game-specific items from that account. You can only verify one AdventureQuest Guardian, one DragonFable DragonLord and one MechQuest StarCaptain account to one AQWorlds account.

We do suggest you verify all of your AQ/DF/MQ accounts to one AQWorlds account. Also, if you have a payment issue, all associated accounts will be disabled, this means any verified accounts as well. We do not allow players to share verifications as we don't allow account sharing/trading/selling/gifting. We do not remove a verification from a disabled account.

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