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My Account is Hacked, Stolen or Lost!

Do you need to recover your hacked, stolen or lost account? We can help!

Please pick which option best helps your issue. You can also email us through the Recover Your Account or Update Signup Email Help Pages.

Please note, You cannot get an account back in-game or via our in-game reporting system. Also, most accounts that are 'Hacked' are not truly 'hacked.' An account is stolen because a player has given their password out to a 'friend,' who then takes advantage of that information. Players do this because the 'friend' has promised them in-game items, gold or AdventureCoins and no one can give you these things in-game. We have no control over what information you give to another player, but YOU DO. Remember, we do not allow players to share, trade, sell or give away accounts.

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