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January 23, 2015

Tonight: Za'nar Event Finale

Guest Author Event with Zack Storch!

In this Friday's event finale, based on characters from Zack Storch's new novel "Za'nar: Impossibility," battle through the Tombs of De’ther with the Magi of Za’nar to recover the Ring of Light! Your goal is to stop the dread dragon Jir'abin; after attacking Lore last week, his power is greater than ever before, and he’s on the move to Za’nar to wreak his revenge. 

free mmo guest event finale

This week, /join zanarlobby to begin the finale:

  • Travel to the Tombs of De'ther to find the Ring of Light
  • Solve the tomb's puzzle and defeat its guardian spirit 
  • Journey to the House of Accord on the planet Xiex to face Jir'abin
  • Defeat him and use the Ring of Light to raise a shield around Lore 

free mmo dragons magic gearPrismatic Dragonrune Mage now available!

It's only by completing this mission that we can ensure our world and theirs will remain safe from the Void... forever!

Za'nar: Impossibility Now Available at Heromart!

Hi, Hero! I'm Zack Storch! I’m here to share my fantasy novel “Za’nar: Impossibility” with you! It’s an interplanetary adventure filled with fast-paced fights, fantastical spells, fearsome monsters and DRAGONS! You can get your own version NOW at Heromart, or through the store links below, and then battle alongside its characters right here!

free mmo rpg zack storch

You can get your own copy of the novel RIGHT NOW at: 

Zack visited Battleon last year when I was competing on TBS's reality TV series "King of the Nerds,” where he brought a Twilly plushie along for the adventure to be his pocket healer! He's excited to share his story “Za’nar: Impossibility” with you, and so are we! 

Dont forget to follow Zack's Void Saga on his website!

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