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August 18, 2014

Wheel of Doom Leaves Saturday

Wheels of Doom and Destiny Leave in 5 Days!

After a year of taking chances, daring fate, and risking DOOM... the Carnival of Fortune is closing its gates this Saturday, August 23rd! This is your last chance to use your Fortune Tickets to get drops from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny. 

Why are we closing them now, you ask? Good question. The Wheels were always controversial, but many of you guys enjoyed taking a chance to get exclusive items, and hunting for that elusive Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness. We thought that was a pretty cool idea, too! 

Dark ExoSuit Binsuko

Once the Wheels leave, we plan to have the new Daily Login system give mega-extra bonuses to Legends, but will also give free players a more reliable means of getting in-game rewards. 

Important Details

  • Once the Wheels leave, you will NOT be able to turn in your free Spin Tickets. Use them BEFORE the Wheels leave Saturday night.
  • If you receive the UIoDA before the Wheels leave, you WILL still get your item, even if it is awarded after Saturday.
  • The Doom and Destiny merge shops will remain in-game and available for those who still have Fortune Potions to spend in them. 
  • Fortune Potions (under that name or a new one) will be availble in the near future so people can get gear from the merge shops.
  • The Dark ExoSuit Binsuko leave Saturday. The Infernal Warrior gear will leave when the Infernal Caladbolg does, next month.
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