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October 27, 2014

Voltaire's Mogloween

Voltaire takes over Mogloween for Friday the 31st

Voltaire titillates and terrifies with stories from the late, great Edgar Allan Poe, but you’ve got to find the tales before he can read them! Battle to GET the texts… then battle THROUGH these stories of treachery and supernatural dread! 

Join Voltaire on a journey through a Poe-m of Terror!

Battle your way through the House of Crusher and the Cask of Amoglinado, then discover what The Wyvern is warning you about once you step into a Gothic Mansion so dark and deadly the dragons fear to pass over its gates!   

Gazing deep into that darkened clearing, 
Long I stood there shaking, fearing, 
Unblinking, thinking thoughts no Hero dared to think before.
But the stillness was unbroken, and in silence, naught was spoken, 
And the only word outspoken was the whispered word... 
(spoilers removed)

Friday the 31st Mogloween Rewards

Log in this Friday to check out the rares shop with the Spider Witch, Dark Raven, Masque of the Dread Death sets and more!

Moggy Hands, Spider Witch and CLownO_O armor!

Complete each Chapter of this week's Mogloween event to unlock shops full of exclusive gear! 

Also coming this week in AQWorlds:

  • Wednesday: Learn the identity of Darkovia's next ruler!
  • Wednesday: Log in for a 48 hour Class Points boost!
  • Friday: Find the Lycan Class in the Mogloween Seasonal Shop (requires rank 10 Lycan or 2000 ACs)!
  • Friday: Talk to Vokun to begin farming for the Deep Ravager armor and helm!
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