Design Notes

April 27, 2017

This weekend: Void Paladin

Calling all members of the ArchFiend Army!

If you vowed allegiance to Nulgath the ArchFiend, get ready to BATTLE because we've got a dark and deadly new reward for you! Created in honor of the ArchFiend by renowned armorcrafter, Bido, the Void Paladin set arrives this weekend and is only available for those who've been stockpiling their crafting resources.

So get your Diamonds and Unidentified 13s ready (and find the full merge requirement list in tomorrow's Design Notes post) because this is going to be one set you'll need to WORK for!*

The permanent farming set includes:

  • Void Paladin Armor
  • Void Paladin's Helmet
  • Void Paladin's Horns
  • Void Katana and Dual Void Katanas
  • Void Katana Cape
  • Void Paladin's Cape
  • Void Light of Destiny*
  • Ascended Void Light of Destiny**

* Oh, and if you want to create that wicked-sweet Void Light of Destiny... be prepared to give up your Blinding Light of Destiny. We expect only the most loyal and dedicated Nation members to craft this!

** Same goes for the Ascended Void Light of Destiny.

Update: Farming Difficulty and Changes

Our original plan was to include the above items in the Diamond of Nulgath merge shop. After reviewing that plan and getting some feedback from our hardcore players, we are changing the plan slightly.

There will be 3 different quests from the Oblivion NPC in /tercessuinotlim:

  • Void Paladin Armor quest
  • Void Light of Destiny quest (for either the VLoD or Ascended VLoD)
  • A quest for the other accessories (choose one each time)

Those quests will be at or near the level of the Juggernaut of Nulgath / Demanding Items of Nulgath / Totems of Nuglath quests, which is to say... if you are already a loyal member of the Nulgath Nation, getting these items should feel almost *easy* -- this is a reward for you guys, for that loyalty and hours of previous farming.

If you are NOT a member of the Nulgath Nation, and have not put in the hours and effort to get those merge resources, then you have some work ahead of you. But fear not... ask any loyal member of the Nulgath Nation and they'll tell you that it CAN be done. IF you are dedicated enough.

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