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August 26, 2016

This Friday: Shatter the Castle of Glass

The Tower of Mirrors Chapter Concludes this Weekend!

Scarletta the Sorceress' chapter of the Throne of Darkness Saga concludes this Friday with the Castle of Glass! If you haven't played through her terrible, twisted, and surprisingly-surprising tale, now's the time! Start her story when you /join hedgemaze

Also releasing:

  • Scarletta's Class variant
  • Tana's Mirror set
  • MORE gear in the BioBeasts radioactive bundle package

Scarlet Sorceress Class Writeup

The last Throne of Darkness Class is here, Scarlet Sorceress, the Blood Mage! AoE mage Class that revolves around heavy sustain of your HP and Mana to cast your skills!

How to get this Class:  

  • Drops from the boss monster in /towerofmirrors
  • 2k AC’s in the Class Shop in /Battleon

Feel the power through your veins!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. I like to thank Arklen for going through the development of this Class with me. He did awesome on the animations and icons. As well as finding the proper coding to make this Class possible, very complex and unique and definitely in it’s own category. Scarlet Sorceress a Troll Spellsmith variant, focusing on AoE heavy sustaining tactics. This Class that excels in crucial focus on your Blood Count and Mana count. This Class is all about sustaining, one mistake in your rotations will be your doom. This Class has a VERY high skill cap, granting pro players and PvPers something new and something to be proud of. This Class is good for farming mediocre monsters with excellent sustain and strong reliable damage.

Scarlet Sorceress Skill Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: Scarlet Sorceress’s mana regen is like your normal caster. Gaining mana by doing damage, more on crits, this is relative to your HP total. More simple way of understanding, more health more mana.

Stats: This Class is a Caster, focusing on your Intellect stat will grant you the best results, more Spell Power to have more damage, and heal more as well.

Auto Attack: Blood Lust 

2.3 Second Cooldown 

You thirst for blood forces you to constantly seek it. Your weapon is imbued with scarlet sorcery and drains blood with each strike. The magic weakens your weapon's effectiveness causing it to deal 40% damage but heals you with each strike. The heal is increased as your health dwindles and your thirst for blood gets greater.

This is a very unique Auto Attack, you deal significantly less damage than other Classes, but you heal on hit. As your health lowers, your healing with each strike will get stronger. This helps with sustaining on really low HP.

Rank 1: Sanguine Pulse

10 Second Cooldown

Lowers your blood count to emit a wave of blood dealing Moderate Damage up to 3 enemies. Regains some of your your spilled blood a couple of moments after casting, made stronger by stacks of Crimson Ritual. Also applies Decay, Cannot Heal to your foes for 6 seconds. (Costs 10% of Max Health)

This is one of your damaging/sustaining skills. Costs 10% of your max health but after a few moments it regens your spilled blood back, with stacks of Crimson Ritual, you will exceed the cost of this skill as you stack it up. 

Rank 2: Mirroring Arcane

25 Mana, 8 Second Cooldown

Blasts adaptive magic energy hitting up to 3 targets, dealing Escalating Weapon Damage. Applies Hypothermia, lowering their haste for 6 seconds. Saps their haste, applying Hyperthermia, increasing yours by 20% for 6 seconds. This effect is buffed by Crimson Ritual. Has a 40% chance of stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

This is one of the two skills that cost mana, solid aoe dealing more damage with each bounce, excels fight high amount of enemies. The starts off very low, but it increases drastically with stacks of Crimson Ritual, as well as your damage. Sapping their haste is what makes this skill valuable, lowering the cooldowns of your other skills as well.

Rank 3: Malevolence 

35 Mana, 15 Second Cooldown

Absorbs all life force around you, preparing a massive attack. Applies Wrath of the Blood Mage on the user and up to 3 hostile targets, Heals you while mirroring some of the healing on to your enemies. After a few moments, unleashes Cataclysmic Spell Damage to all your foes while mirroring some of the damage back on yourself. Can't Miss but can't Crit.

This is your last resort spell. Focusing on the mirror aspect of the class and the sheer rage of the beauty taken from, heals you but mirrors some of the healing on to the enemies, after a short moment deals heavy damage but mirrors some of the damage back on you. This ties with Sanguine Pulse, having the ability to negate their healing while they become engulfed in your rage.

Rank 4: Bad Blood & Curse of the Beautiful

Increases Damage Output by 12% & Increases Healing by 25% but lowers your Endurance by 10%

Simple increasing your overall damage and healing done, making you deal more, and sustain more. Lowering your Endurance ties in with Scarletta and her curse, slightly lowering your Endurance will lower the costs of your skills comparing to having that 10% Endurance back.

Rank 5: Crimson Ritual

5 Second Cooldown

Lowers your blood count to empower yourself, granting you new awaken abilities. Applies Vermilion Pact, increasing your Healing by 20%, Arcane Pact, increasing your Spell Damage by 50%, and Mirroring Pact, increasing your Damage Resistance by 10%. All pacts last for 18 seconds and stack to 5. (Costs 10% of Max Health)

Very similar to troll Spellsmith Weakness Sigil. Instead of healing you, this skill costs health. All Pacts are crucial to the Class’s kit, increasing your overall damage, Healing, and Damage Resistance to deal more, tank more, and heal more. 

Rank 10: Titanic Bloodline

Once in a great while, you tap the full potential of your powerful blood and greatly increase your damage output, damage resistance and haste for a short time.

Same as Blood Titan’s Rank 10, low chance to proc off autos. This activation makes you overall stronger in damage, speed, and defense.


I recommend  Wizard and Healer enchants for this Class. Wizard giving you solid more Intellect which sources to both healing and damage with gives you best results. Wild card of Healer focusing more on Endurance more than Wizard enchant, giving you more tankiness in HP while still focusing on your Spell Power.

Wizard: Gives the raw number in Spell Power you need to deal more and heal more, slight chance of luck increasing your secondary stats won’t hurt at all.

Healer: Focuses more on a tanky Spell Power build, giving you more Endurance to absorb more hits to focus on stacking, then coming out stronger over time.

Overall Summary

In conclusion, this isn’t a spammable Class. You need hard focus on sustaining your recourses to maximize your damage output and survivability. Use Sanguine Pulse whenever it’s up to have a stronger mana regen as well as stronger sustain, healing you every time you use it. Pair this with Malevolence to increase your healing further, and negate their ability to heal from this ability as well. Malevolence also heals as a leech so fighting more numbers will improve your regen. Mirroring Arcane is very crucial to your kit when landed, granting you a much needed Haste buff to lower your Cooldowns. Crimson Ritual needs to be stacked often and stayed stacked, if you lost your stacks in a fight, there’s a high chance you’ll die. Finding the right rotations within your skills will make you the best Blood Mage but be careful, one false move and you can be out of life that easily. 
Prolly my favorite variant thus far, very unique kit and was extremely fun to make. Let me know your thoughts on this Class. :)

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