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September 15, 2017

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017

Mechas, Pirates, and Kaiju Corsairs = WAR!

Every September, Pirates around Lore ship out with one goal in mind -- bringing home BIG piles of plunder! Every ship stops at home port to refuel after battle which means… Lolosia is loaded with gold.This Talk Like a Pirate Day, a fleet of fiercesome, Kaiju-loving corsairs plan to take control of Lolosia and ALL the loot! On September 15th, the Defense of Lolosia begins with Rhubarb, Lim, Cysero, the entire crew… and you!

This war is SO BIG, and there are so many farming and shop rewards (not to mention the titan-sized war boss battles) that we've split the event into two weeks.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017 Schedule

  • Friday, September 15: war begins, Quibble's Shop arrives
  • Tuesday, September 19: Quibble's shop gets more gear + more war farming gear
  • Friday, September 22: War boss + end cutscene + even MORE rewards

Kaiju War Details

/join Kaiju then click the catapult to head into battle! 

  • Fight monsters to raise the war meter
  • Unlock additional war quests, monsters, and map frames as the war meter rises*
  • Each time you turn in one of the war quests, you'll have a chance to get one of the items in the Dark Corsair set (hint: get the war meter up to 25% for a chance to get the armor!)

* Especially when you summon the Skyguard and the Cyserrific Lim MECHA!

Quibble's Shop Returns: ARRR You Readyyyyyyyyyy?!

We know one of the most anticipated shops of the year is the Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop, and this year our artists have outdone themselves! There were so many great ideas, and so many requests for colors and styles that not even a warship would be able to carry all of them! So here's what we're going to do!

Permanently unlock 120+ Dragonborn Naval Commander items

 This week, find:

  • the Dragon King Treasure Chest: get ALL 120+ item from the DragonBorn Naval Commander Sets 
  • the Dragonborn Naval Commanders: 12 different color versions... choose your favorite!
  • Paladin Naval Commanders
  • Kaiju Pirate Captain
  • the returning Naval Commander Class

NEXT week, find:

  • Obsidian Paladin Naval Commander
  • Kaiju Naval Commander (free if you have the AC version of the Naval Commander class)
  • More farming rewards
  • TWO boss battles

Dragon Chests of Many Colors

Because dragons come in many colors and species, so will the DragonBorn Naval Commander! (In reality, we received SO MANY requests for different colors, we wanted to please everyone!) Talk to Quibble to unlock color-specific Dragon Treasure chests with either the red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, crystal, shadow, or pink Dragonborn Naval Commander sets.  

(Color) Draconic Treasure Chest: 2000 ACs

  • 1 Dragonborn Naval Commander armor of your color choice
  • A full set of accessories (helm, cape, weapons)

To get the Blue DragonBorn Naval Commander set, talk to Quibble for the Blue Dragon Treasure Chest, etc

Dragon King Treasure Chest 

If you're the one Dragon King to rule them all... we've got you covered! The Dragon King Treasure Chestcontains over 120+ items (all the gear from the 12 variant sets above, plus an exclusive bank pet and bonuses).

Dragon King Treasure Chest: 10000 ACs

  • 9 DNC armor sets
  • House items (coming next week!)
  • Damage boosts on items
  • Exclusive Pirate Wyvern bank pet (coming next week!)

This is a BOATLOAD of loot, but for you collectors (and would-be dragon rulers) out there, the dragon-themed treasure will overflow!

Note: In order to prevent shop abuse, the treasure chests cannot be sold. 

War Loot Headin' Yer Way

We've got chestfuls of gear coming for you this week and next! Two full sets of farming rewards were designed by your fellow players: Seth Juron and Daniel PP2!

  • Farm for Daniel PP2's Dark Corsair set as soon as the war begins
  • Unlock Seth's Oathbreaker Pirate in the 75% war reward chest (TLaPD 2017 war rare)

  • If the war hits 100% by next Friday, September 22nd, anyone with the AC version of the Naval Commander CLASS will automatically unlock the 2017 event rare Kaiju Naval Commander (shown in the image above and originally designed by former guest artist, Vokun) for FREE! 
  • Fight to earn Axeros' Deepdweller Pirate gear once the boss fight is unlocked on September 22nd!

Even MORE gear will arrive next week, including the Kaiju Naval Commander, the Obsidian Paladin Naval Commander, Seth Juron's set, and the Kaiju Quibble rider Bank Pet!

Note 2: There is currently a bug with Naval Commanders using an incorrect face template. This will be corrected ASAP.

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