Design Notes

June 20, 2017

Timed War Challenge + Changes

Finish the Darkblood War by Friday to unlock 8 new surfboards!

This week's theme is time-travel (see the Quibble Coinbiter design notes post below), and since we want to help motivate you all to finish the war, what better way than with... summer rewards from the future?! 

Our 2018 Surfboards could be yours THIS WEEKEND

Now, I was planning to save these weapon-themed surfboards for our 2018 Summer Shop, but if we hit 100% on the war meter by 6 PM EST this Friday, we'll add these surfboards into the Summer Shop THIS year and you'll be able to get...

  • The Legion Surfboard for Legion Tokens
  • The Nulgath Surfboard for Diamonds
  • And at least one other board will be available for all players, for 0 ACs

Player Feedback: War Changes

We always appreciate hearing how you guys like our releases... and when you don't, we want to know what you'd like done differently. Based on feedback from the war this weekend, we've made the following changes:

  • War Medals will now only drop from the War Quests
  • Get 5 War Medals from the regular quest, and 10 from the Mega quest
  • The Mega Medals quest now gives 750 XP per turn in
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