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November 25, 2011

Turkey, Terror and Triumph

Are you ready to get your Feast On?!

This year's Harvest Feast is all about being together and giving thanks! It's too bad that Drakath doesn't care about either of those things! He's sent the Twins to taint each of the three Harvest feasts you'll be attending with Chaos!

Just /join Feast to:

  • Dine with Alteon and watch as his Knights take holiday hunger to a whole new level! It looks like they really DO want to serve the King... for dinner!
  • You and all your friends have been invited to share the holiday feast with Yulgar, Grams, and Aria! But when the Twins lure Grams to the Chaos-side (they have Chaookies!), you'll find out that this feast is a BEAST!
  • And members will get to join Artix and his parents (his parents?!) for a dead-ly delicious time in Doomwood!

With a cornycopia of quest rewards and monster drops, there'll be leftovers for any Hero who wants to fill their backpack AND stomach!

Black Friday Bonanza!

Every year in the United States, stores around the country stock their shops with steals and deals! And if YOU have gold on hand, you'll want to head to BattleOn for the Blackest Black Friday shop we've ever done!

Check out epic new equips like:

  • Blackzerker Armor!
  • Shade of Aww!
  • The Half-fro Helm!
  • Black Light of Destiny!
  • J6's Black Handguns!
  • And more!

Bloodtusk Chaos Beast is Coming!

If you aren't caught up on the Bloodtusk storyline, head on over to /bloodtusk Ravine! The Chaos Beast is arriving next week along with a gorgeous map and crazy-cool gear! (And once you learn what Krellenos has planned for the residents of Bloodtusk... you'll see why Drakath chose him!)

We hope you all have had an excellent Thanksgiving and Black Friday with your friends and family! (Or a super-awesome regular Thursday and Friday, if you're not in the United States.) We are so thankful for all of you who continue to play and support our games! Without you guys, we couldn't make AQWorlds or any of our other games. So, this Thanksgiving, we're thankful for YOU!

BattleOn and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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