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March 11, 2016

Tonight: SkyTower Aegis Arrives

Journey to Sky Tower Aegis, home of Good Heroes!

Miles above Lore, an impenetrable fortress hovers, housing the greatest defenders of Good the world has ever seen - the Sky Tower Aegis! This weekend, /join skytower to begin your adventure battling among the clouds (the BEST place to get a bird's eye view of the world... and the Queen of Monster's plotting!)

This weekend, log in and begin your adventure miles above Lore:

  • Battle to complete 17 quests from 7 new NPCs to rank up your Aegis faction reputation!
  • Find 20 new items to collect from the Pet, Rep, and Gear shops in the Tower!
  • Check out Laken's birthday shop in your game menu!

Meet the Heroes of the SkyTower!

SkyGuard crew members, Jus Divinum knights, Celestial Realm Warriors... Good heroes of all types and factions UNITE! Many of the most well-known Good-aligned groups have a presence on Sky Tower Aegis.

/join SkyTower and talk to/quest for:

  • Wilfre- Sky Tower Aegis Keeper 
  • Ada - Seraphic Paladin's Representative
  • Cleric Melody- Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands' Representative
  • Admiral Hugo- SkyGuard Representative
  • Ithuriel- Celestial Realm Representative
  • Sir Vent- Good Faction Representative
  • Niteo- Pet Vendor 
  • Fablen- Armor Vendor
  • Onager- Weapon Vendor 
  • Maxwell- Banker
  • Vanessa- Hair Shop*
  • Inanitas- DragonRune/Alchemy Emissary 

* twin to Bev the Stylist from Battleontown, don'cha know?

Good Gear makes GREAT rewards!

Find all-new Good-themed gear in the shops at SkyTower Aegis! From the Celestial Commander armor set to 4 new pets, there's a lot to love if you fight for the Light!

  • Find 4 new pets, including the Celestial Hound, in the Pet shop
  • Check out 6 new hairstyles (3 male, 3 female) from Vanessa's Hair Shop
  • Get your gauntlets on 15 new items (including the entire Celestial Commander set) from the Gear and Rep shop
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