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April 03, 2015

ShadowFlames Rising

Battle Through the Fire Dragon Invasion War Finale!

This weekend, fight fire with fire when you /join shadowstrike! Last week, tens of thousands of Heroes battled to determine the fate of Sepulchure, Gravelyn, and the where the Embersea story goes next... and this week, we see the outcome of those choices! Evil triumphed in the ShadowFlame war, and because of that, Sepulchure's fate has been guaranteed! 

aqworlds shadowflame dragon war free rpg mmoEvil won the day... and the war!

Read on to see what WOULD have happened if the other sides in our 3-way war won, but right now, see what you've got coming in this week's release:

  • Sepulchuroth Dragon boss battle in /shadowstrike
  • Ultra Sepulchuroth Dragon boss battle in /gravestrike
  • 2 new sets in the ShadowFlame rares shop
  • A new armor set AND merge versions of the Akriloth's Oblivion blade

The Shepulchuroth monster in /shadowstrike has 6 item drops (including the full Gravelyn's Dragon armor set for 0 ACs). The Ultra Akriloth boss monster in /gravestroke has a 1%, 0AC version of the Akriloth pet! 

Alternate Endings: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Seriously. Stop reading now if you don't want the ending spoiled.




Alright. We good? Good. In any of our 3-way wars, we've planned for several potential outcomes. The Queen of Monsters was always going to rip Sepulchure's spirit from Akriloth's body. But what the winning side of the war determined is what Sepulchure's fate AFTER that would be. To learn what that IS, you'll need to watch the in-gamecutscenes. But if the war had gone differently, here's what we would have seen:

  • If Good had won: Sepulchure would have reappeared as Valen, revealed a secret about Gravelyn's past, and passed on a mysterious power to her before fading away into the darkness. That power now resides inside the Queen of Monsters... but she hasn't discovered it yet. DUN DUN DUN!

  • If the Queen of Monsters had won: Sepulchure's spirit would have been cast into the Chaos Realm that imprisoned her for millennia. He would have been entirely unable to contact Gravelyn, leaving the Queen free to attack her with impunity.

ShadowFlame War Rewards

Check out the newest - and rare - ShadowFlame War Rewards! Find the ShadowScythe DragonLord and The Spawn armor sets in your game menu or when yuo talk to Kyron in Shadowstrike!

Each of the merge shops has a new armor set - the Undead Dragon Morph - PLUS merge versions of the Akriloth's Oblivion Blade and Greater Oblivion Blade (a bigger blade for those who like 'em that way).

The 0AC Akriloth Pet drops from the Ultra Akriloth pet in /gravestrike while the Nightmare Grenwog pet drops from the beast in /grenwog. Which brings us to...

The Grenwog Spring Event Returns!

Talk to Cabdury (the friendliest, most inedible bunny in town) in the 2nd frame of the Battleon map to access this year's Egg Hunt quests! Collect the eggs hidden around BattleOn and the rest of the town to unlock the Backpack of Eggs and the Vorpal Bunny pet! (Note: Any Vorpal Bunny will be able to access the quests to get this year's regular Berserker Bunny items. Enjoy!) 

And once you've collected all those, why not try Cabdury's Treat Hunt to unlock the Evolved Berserker Bunny set? The merge items will drop from the bosses in Greenguard Forest.  With an Armor, a Helm, a Spear, and a Long-sword, you'll have a bun-tiful amount of items to choose from! The Evolved Berserker Bunny Armor also requires the drop from the final Vorpal Bunny quest.

Grenwog gear, collect it all! (Or as much as you can carry):

  • Evolved Berserker Bunny set!
  • Berserker Bunny 14 armor, helm, and longsword!
  • Daisy on your back cape!
  • Mayflower and Marshmallow Cheep pets!
  • Fire Egg Staff, Carrotine Cutter, ChickenCow Club!
  • And much more!

8-Bit Battleon Updates

The 2015 April Fool's Rares Shop (which includes the 8-Bit Yulgar's Inn house) will be leaving on Monday! If you want to continue battling through all the retro maps, you can /join digitalmain and /digitalmaintown!



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