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February 11, 2016

Happening Now: Final Server Rewrite Testing

Log on to the PTR Test Server NOW to help us test!

For the last year, Yorumi (AQWorlds' lead programmer) has been rewriting the AQW server* and we are now coming up to the last, BIGGEST push for testing before we release the updated game to ALL players on ALL servers!

Why are we spending all that time to rebuild AdventureQuest Worlds, you ask? Because with those changes, we can make AQWorlds better, faster, smoother, AND introduce new features that you guys have been requesting for a long, long time!

* the backend system that makes the game function, not what you log into each time you want to play the game.

Phase 1: Rebuilding the Current Game (95% Complete!)

We are down to the last BIG bug preventing us from rolling out the new servers, plus a double handful of smaller, quick fixes. 

If you've done any programming, you know it can be hard to pin down the exact cause of certain issues -- because of that, we WANT to say that we'll roll out the new servers at the end of March, but it really does depend on when we lock down the fix for the crash bug.

While he and M do that, we need YOU to help us find all the last small issues so they can rapidly smash them into non-existence.

Phase 1 progress so far:

  • Maps 
  • PvP 
  • Monster AI 
  • Combat 
  • Inventory 
  • Enhancements 
  • Stats 
  • Chat 
  • Quests are very close 

The bulk of Yorumi's time this past month has been spent working on the big crashing bug, plus monitoring the security team's stress tests, but he has made progress on the rest of the feature ports, too. (/cheer!) The rest of this list will go pretty fast once he's able to focus on them.

Phase 1 still to finish:

  • Shops - 85% done
  • Guilds - 95% done
  • Houses - 85% done
  • Crafting - 80% done
  • Parties - 95% done

Stat changes Design Notes Post

Monster AI Design Notes Post

Combat Design Notes Post

What Comes Next? Phase 2!

If Phase 1 of the server rewrite is porting the game over to the new servers, Phase 2 is where we're planning to make the changes you have all been asking for. 

We cannot even begin working on Phase 2 functionality like the BuyBack shop until after Phase 1 is complete, but once it is, we can start working on things like:

  • friends list syncing 
  • bank item previews 
  • the buyback shop
  • better PVP and guilds functionality 
  • adding rank 10 passives to new classes 
  • cross-server/world chat 
  • better anti-bot and reporting functionality and more. 

PS: the level cap will raise at some point after Phase 1 is complete. We don't want to add in more levels now until there are newer, more crazy boss monsters and content for our high-level players to battle. 

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