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July 12, 2016

Server Disruption Update

Update on the recent server outages, and what we're doing to fix them

Hello everyone! Over the last several days, we've been experiencing an unusual amount of server disruption. We're working as fast as we can to get them all back and stable, and have been talking with our server host company since this began. 

Right now, we are: 

  1. Working with the server host company to mitigate the effect on your gameplay
  2. Investigating switching over our server to incorporate WebSockets, which will give us even more protection options
  3. Adding server boosts onto the less populated servers to spread out the playerbase  

Additional steps on the backend to help optimize and protect the server addresses, information, etc.

Common signs of a server having issues are:

  • Attacks not hitting the monster
  • Trouble opening shops
  • Quests not turning in
  • Items not loading properly

If you are experiencing issues with your gameplay during this time, please try a different server. Safiria and Artix servers have been hidden while this issue continues, but will return in the future. Zhoom server has been retired for the foreseeable future, as we are using it for multiple sites/functions.

Server Boosts Now Active on ALL Servers!

As our way of saying "sorry for the interruptions" and to help sweeten your time on our servers, we've added: 

20% boost to Class Points, Rep, Gold, and XP are now on all regular servers, with a 30% boost on the member server!

Note: the Server Hamsters are very, very sad, at how out of shape they are. They've started going to the gym to get trained by this Master Server Trainer! We should make them play Hamstermon GO! -- then get them all hamster balls to help them get fit!

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