Design Notes

February 18, 2011

Sek-Duat and LQS

The Limited Quantity Shop is LIVE

Due to a few technical bugs the Sandsea release will be coming a little later tonight, along with a few player suggestion items and a fix to the Password Recovery Page.

But NOW, the Limited Quantity Shop is LIVE in Battleon, and we've also added the Accessory colors to the base and Trim color selections for Armor/Weapons etc.

Here's a little info about the Limited Quantity Items...

The Plague Scythe: There will only be 9000 of this weapon (with color custom trim). They are non-member but will cost 900 ACs each.

Wings of the Pharaoh: 5000 of these bad boys. They are also non-member but will NOT sell for ACs. They will go for 11,000 Gold. (SOLD OUT!)

Cursed Pharaoh's Blades: These Dual Swords are member ONLY weapons and will sell for 15,000 gold. There are also 9000 of these.

Remember, once the numbers drop to 0, they are GONE. Close and re-open the shop to refresh the number of items left.

Good Luck!


WOW! You guys are ANIMALS! All 5000 non-member wings were gone within TWO MINUTES of the Limited Quantity Shop opening. Grats to the lucky 5000 players who were able to grab a pair. Let this be a lesson to us... Next time add at least 10,000 non-member items (so they can last a whole 4 minutes).

As I write this, there are less than half of the member dual blades left and the AC Scythe is selling better than we expected. There are still a few left.

If you miss out this time, be sure to keep your eyes on the Design Notes to see when the next shop will be released. We WILL announce it at least a few days in advance but remember... it could open at ANY HOUR so you might need to stay up late.

The Search For Sek-Duat!

In DragonFable, Zhoom helped heroes free The Sandsea from Sek-Duat's tyrannical rule, but his power is undeniable. In the centuries he has lived, his knowledge of The Sandsea and his understanding of its magics have grown very deep.

If anyone knows how to fight Zahart and his Djinn, Tibicenas it's the immortal mummy, Sek-Duat... But he vanished when Zahart began to display his power. Zhoom suspects that the mummy-lord is still hiding within his dynasty pyramids.

Can you find him amongst the monsters roaming the halls?

Additional Releases!

We have also added three items to the Player Suggestion Shop in Yulgar's Inn, and Dage has added the much anticipated Blade Master armor to his Undead Legion shop! Have fun farming for that one!

Additional Note:

After the Limited Quantity Shop had opened we had a small issue with the bank, that has been fixed and the bank is usable once again. We have also fixed the broken password Recovery page. Sorry for any trouble this has caused any of you.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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