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November 06, 2015

Battle to Find Rivensylth

The Queen of Monsters Brightoak Saga Continues!

Channel the power, strength, and speed of the forest as you race to find Rivensylth the Faerie Dragon in Brightoak Grove! The knowledge she holds may be the key to defeating General Nevanna… IF you can trust what she the trickster dragon says!

Choose one of three creature types/alignments to determine your quests and battle to discover where Rivensylth the Faerie dragon's lair is!

  • Choose to quest as a Fox, Owl, or Hare
  • Take on General Nevana's Captain Avada
  • Unlock gear in the merge shop and member-only reward drops from the boss!

This week's release was written by ACW0, with quests designed by Plank - and together the two of them have created a GIANT and unique adventure with a BEAUTIFUL map by J6. Ghost's cutscenes are incredibly cinematic. And the you'll continue the story in the Ruins of Elfhame on November 20th!

Unlock exclusive gear with a 12 Month Membership!

Buy a 12 month membership to unlock the Swordhaven Royalty gear and all the awesome membership perks that come with it! 

The set comes with:

  • An armor
  • Weapon
  • Cape
  • Three helms 
  • and a character page badge to show the world YOU are a legendary hero!

Due to an OVERWHELMING number of player requests, we are also going to add the black/red Mirror Alteon versions of the gear to the 12 month package next week... and because we like the gold/red version so much, we're adding the 3rd version in, too!

Deadman's Ghoul Limited Time Shop

We have an all-new limited time shop for you Tokyo Ghoul lovers in your game menu by new artist-in-training, Tana! This shop will be available until November 20th, so don't miss out! It is already a HIT with players who love Japanese anime  (or looking TERRIFYINGLY ghoulish!)

The shop has:

  • 2 armors
  • 7 capes
  • 6 helms
  • 7 weapons

And a LOT of horror! Welcome to the team, TANA!

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