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August 21, 2012

Power Gem Problems?

Here are some simple solutions!

Power Gems came out a few days ago and everyone loves them! Yay! But no brand-new feature is safe from technical bugs and oopsies, so we are doing everything we can to make sure you receive the Power Gem that’s rightfully yours. 


Help us help you! Follow these simple steps if you haven’t received the weekly AQW newsletter with the free Power Gem link.  

Add us to your Contacts!

Sometimes emails get jealous and will send the AQW Newsletter to your Spam/Junk folder. To ensure that the Newsletter is sent to your inbox, add the following addresses to your email Contacts:

Search your Email

Power Gems are brand new, and the only email so far with the Power Gem link is:

  • from the sender AQWorlds
  • from the email address [email protected]
  • with the subject =AQW= The Span: Dragon of Time!

Run a search through your email account using any of the bolded terms above to see if you have the newsletter with the free Power Gem link.

Make sure you have a Confirmed Email

If you don’t have the AQW Newsletter, and cannot find it using the above methods, chances are your email is not confirmed! It’s really simple to Confirm your Email, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Manager 
  2. Login to the Account Management Login
  3. If your Email Status is Confirmed, then you are receiving the weekly AQW Newsletters! Yay!
  4. If your Email Status is Unconfirmed, click on Resend Email
  5. You will then see: "Confirmation email has been successfully sent to your email address."
  6. Now, go check your email. Should only take a few minutes to reach your inbox. Once you receive the email message from AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG with the subject =AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation, follow the instructions in the email and click the link that confirms you are the owner of the account. Once your email address is confirmed, you will see the message: "Success! Congratulations your email address has been confirmed and your account is now activated. Check the homepage for news about the game. Notice: Email Confirmed Successfully!"

If you have multiple accounts:

If you have multiple accounts on one confirmed email, all of those accounts will get the Power Gem when you click the link IF you've logged in on them in the last year. If you haven't, just log in, then back out, then back in again! You will get the Gem automatically. Hooray for simple fixes!

If you have a Confirmed Email but aren't receiving the newsletter:

Most likely your email provider blocked the individual message. Search your inbox for =AQW= The Span: Dragon of Time! You can also sign-up with a new email using the Account Manager and you'll start getting the newsletter again!

If you get the message “Game Database Server is unreachable”:

You may be clicking an old link, or your email might not be confirmed. This means the data you used was invalid. Make sure your email is confirmed and try again when the next newsletter reaches you.

If you get a newsletter that has code instead of a link:

DO NOT KNOW! We are still trying to figure this out. Please post a screenshot on the forums showing that error. Megalops is looking into what could be causing that.

If nothing else has worked…

Please make sure that you have attempted every solution above. Hopefully that will resolve any issue. You should also refer to the Help Pages if you need further assistance on Confirming or Changing your Email Address, because you must have a real Confirmed Email in order to receive the Power Gem link:

If that still doesn’t work, post an in-depth description of the error (and screenshot when applicable) here:

And if all else fails…

… dress up in all PINK! Yeah, okay, sure, that’s not going to solve the Power Gem problem… but it will make you look mighty snazzy nonetheless ^_____^

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