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July 29, 2016

Pockey Mogs WHOA: Friday

Pockey Mogs: Gotta Save'em All!

This weekend, log in and battle to SAVE all the PockeyMogs on Lore! When Lim and Cysero accidentally create new species of mutated moglins, it'll be up to you, Ash, and Aria to free them all! 

One experiment gone awry. 

Two mad crafters seeking to undo the unexpected.

Tens of thousands of hybrid creatures hiding across the world.

Millions of people captivated by a shared goal: owning the ultimate pockey mog and becoming...


Pockey Mogs for EVERYBODY!

After you complete this week's story release, talk to Aria to begin her quests to catch all the pockeymogs... but it won't be easy! After what they've been through, the pockey mogs still roaming free are pretty skittish.

  1. Talk to Aria after completing the story release
  2. Accept her quest to catch a pockey mog
  3. Hunt through Lore to FIND the pockey mog
  4. Attempt to capture the pockey mog in the pockey puck (!!!)
  5. IF you do, you'll get the pet from Aria's quest

And free players, you've got work to do, too! There are TWO different pockey mogs you can find, save, and keep, too.

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