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September 25, 2015

Pirate Class Revamp IS HERE!

Pirate Revamp about to Set Sail!

Hey everyone, it’s Zereldo here and today I’ve got complete revamp of the pirate class for you to look over. If you are asking why now, well, that’s easy. Talk Like a Pirate Day season (yes with all the anticipation you guys have for it, it really is a season here in AQW) seemed like the perfect time to finally give pirate its own moves.

Log in and talk to Zereldo in the /blazebeard or /manacannon maps to quest for your class!

A HUGE Thank You!

Before I get into the class heavy stuff you know me for, I want to thank you all so much for playing through and enjoying last week's talk like a pirate day release. The huge amount of positive feedback and congratulatory tweets you sent at me has kept me absolutely beaming for the past week. Writing a release has always been a dream of mine and the fact that so many people likes it so much made it all the more special. Thank you all for being so awesome!

Pirate Revamp.

Ever since this has been announced we’ve been seeing a lot of confusion about it on twitter. Up until now the pirate class has been exactly the same as rogue but with a different name and different art.  In every other Artix Entertainment game Pirates have always had a distinct set of moves from Rogues. This is something I have always wanted to see fixed and I’m glad we have had the chance to do it! After tonight’s release pirate now gets its own NEW moves and is no longer just a rogue who has gotten lost at sea.


Here are some details about the class you might want to know.

  • You can find it at the Zereldo NPC in /blazebeard starting tomorrow

  • The existing Pirate is being renamed to “Classic Pirate.” The classic versions retain the rogue skill set while the new version will have the brand new pirate moves. Alpha Pirate will also get the new skill, but without a new name.

  • At the Zereldo NPC you'll be able to begin a quest to get the Pirate Class Token or the Alpha Pirate Class Token. Once you have that, turn it in at the merge shop to get your shiny new class! (when the Blazebeard map goes rare this will be moved elsewhere in game) - details on how will come tomorrow

Pirate Breakdown!

ManaRegen: Pirates regenerate mana in the same way rogues do. Whenever you dodge or crit you will regain some of your mana. Dodging also gives you some of your HP back.

For Stats and Enhancements: Pirates are designed to use luck and will benefit most from luck enhancements.

Auto Attack

2 second cooldown.

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Rank 1: Cutlass Combo:

7 Mana, 3 Second Cooldown.

A cutlass is the primary weapon of a pirate and is their weapon of choice. Every time you hit your opponent gain a stack of Cutlass combo on yourself. Each stack increases your chance to crit by 3% and your crit damage by 7% up to 5 stacks for 8 seconds.

This first move is something you want to keep stacked. It will dramatically increase your chance to crit and how much damage you do when you crit as well as increasing your MP regeneration.

Rank 2: Plunder

30 Mana, 12 second cooldown.

You use your pirate sense to steal treasure to aid you in battle. Who knows exactly what you’ll get.

Personally I really like this move. It has an equal chance to activate one of three effects which all last for 8 seconds. Plunder health applies a generous HoT. Plunder dodge applies a 30% dodge buff. Finally plunder haste applies a 30% haste increase. These all sounds incredibly powerful and if they were a permanent fixture of a class I would agree, however they are random. You don’t have exact control of what you are going to get, but it will help you.

Rank 3: Hand Cannon:

20 Mana, 12 second cooldown.

You always carry a pistol around saving it for the opportune moment. Deals heavy damage. Gives either canon burn dealing 400% damage over 8 seconds or cannon fodder which increases all damage taken by the target by 20% for 8 seconds.

This is self explanatory. It is damage which either has the added bonus of more damage through a DoT or more damage through increasing the amount of damage your opponent takes on hit. Just like before this is random and you can't predict exactly what you’ll get, you just know that it will be helpful. Remember it is your opponent that is taking more damage, so any friends attacking the same opponent as you will also deal extra damage.

Rank 4: Sea Legs & Buried Treasure

Increases dodge by 12% and Crit Chance by 10%

The dodge increases your mana regen, survivability and potential for small healds and your crit chance which helps with your mana regen as well as allowing you to critical hit more often.

Rank 5: Cannon Fire:

25 Mana, 15 second cooldown.

Let of a blast of cannon fire from your conveniently nearby but hidden ship. Deals massive damage. Applies cannon rage and canon wound, increasing your opponent haste by 25% but reducing their damage by 35%

Finally you have your nuke. As well as doing heavy damage this one has a bit of a twist. You BUFF your opponent by  boosting their haste by 25% making them attack 25% more often. Don’t worry, it’s counteracted by a 35% damage reduction. Overall they will do slightly less damage than usual so you don’t have to worry about disadvantaging your team mates. Although the change to their overall damage is minimal the haste buff in invaluable. If they attack you more often you can regen more MP, and because of the slightly reduced damage your heals from dodging will mean that much more.

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