Design Notes

September 23, 2016

Take on Captain Flintfang

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 War Boss Battle!

Y'arrrrr! Last weekend, ye fought to help choose the next ruler of the Midnight Sea... and the Vampirates flooded th' war meter with a bounty of helpful heroes. BUT the Lycan Buccaneers were NOT ready to parlay or recognize Bonnie's victory -- and THAT is why ye're needed to take down Captain Flintfang this weekend!

/join midnight war and talk to Bonnie's Lieutenant to begin the quest to take down Captain Flintfang! Each time you defeat him, you'll have a chance to get one of the reward drops shown above and listed below:

  • Flintfang Morph Helm 
  • Lycan Captain Armor
  • Truly Cursed Cutlass
  • Cursed Tricorn helms 
  • Midnight TopHat 
  • Vampirate Crossed Cutlasses
  • Cursed Naval Anchor Cape
  • Vampirate Cutlass V
  • ampirate Crossed Cutlasses
  • Cursed Hair helms

Captain Flintfang's armor and morph helm will also be available in the September Featured Gear shop until September 30th (for you heroes without much time to farm, but with a hunger for lycan-themed gear)!

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