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November 13, 2015

Void Wars: Oversoul PVP Tournament

Eternal Glory Can be Yours... Welcome to Oversoul!

Greetings Heroes, Villians, and Voids! I hope you're ready to fight once again, for the Void Wars comes toOversoul. A war unlike any this world has ever seen, to find out who among you is the best of the best - to find ONE worthy to strike down Nulgath by stopping his Shadow. IF you triumph, the fate of the world will be in your hands as you take your place as... the Void Master Eternal

The Void War Tournament

The Void Wars is a special PVP tournament using the Oversoul Game and Battleon forum.* 

  • Opponents will be assigned and tournament progress displayed on the Oversoul Forum  
  • Fighting will take place in Player Vs Player mode in the Oversoul Game 
  • This will continue until we crown one player the Winner of the Void Wars 
  • The winner will unlock a special boss fight against the most powerful weapon in Oversoul, Nulgath's Shadow. 

How to enter the Void Wars

  1. Sign up for the tournament in the Void Wars Sign Up Thread on the Battleon forum. Sign ups will last one week. 
  2. Prepare yourself and your character(s) for Void Wars while you wait for sign ups to end. 
  3. Check the =OS= Tenth PvP Tournament Void Wars for who you be assigned to fight and general tournament updates. We will also private message you to assign opponents as well. 
  4. Show up to your fights, have fun, and win. 
  5. Be the last one standing and win the tournament. 
  6. Follow the instruction we send you about the Boss Fight. 
  7. Slay the Boss and win it all! 

*Make sure you review the forum rules before posting!

Tournament Prizes:

An epic tournament MUST have epic prizes! Below are the rewards for those who are triumphant in the Void Wars. All this and more can be yours.

Second Place: 

  • 20 Soul Gems 
  • First place: 
    • 40 Soul Gems 
    • Statue of a character you used in the Void Wars to be placed in the Solace Zone. 
    • Access to the Boss Fight against Nulgath's Shadow 

    Victory against Nulgath's Shadow: 

    • 40 additional Soulgems 
    • The title Void Master Eternal 

    Failure against Nulgath's Shadow: 

    • 12 Additional Soul Gems 

    Good luck to you all, sign up while you can, and we will see you on the battlefield. 

    This will be a fight for the AGES!



    What IS OverSoul?

    Good question! If you're just joining us, you might not have heard about the OTHER dimension/game Nulgath the ArchFiend rules. Oversoul is a free online PVP battle card MMO (phew, that is a LONG description) where you collect cards by battling over 190 monsters and other players in turn-based combat. 



    The story so far...

    It has been months since the great archfiend has been seen or his presence felt. Since he entered through a strange portal years ago, the land and its inhabitants knew no peace, knew no quiet. Some joined him in his quest for dominion in exchange for power while others banded together in defiance of his rule. Countless on both sides were slain, leaving their souls to wander aimlessly until they were able to inhabit a vessel. From the simple insects to the mighty dragons, from village peasants to the highest ranking of the archfiend's void soldiers, these oversouls grew in number and grew in strength; some still serving their master even in death, while others quietly awaited for their chance to strike him down. 

    But in the recent months, there has been silence. The fighting stilled, and even the land itself held its breath, awaiting the moment when he would strike again. But he never did. Rumors filled the minds and mouths of great and small alike. He had finally been struck down. He returned through the portal to the land from whence he'd come. He'd been imprisoned, trapped, in the very dungeons he'd created. Some believed he'd been summoned by his great master, Adimonde. But no one, not even his generals, knew the truth of his whereabouts and as the time of his absence grew, the land became increasingly restless. 

    Now war has come again, as every oversoul battles their fellow spirits for control of the realm. Some fight for freedom and glory, others for power and selfish gain. Only one will rise above the rest and claim the realm for themselves, taking the archfiend's place as ruler of the oversouls. 

    But amidst the chaos, his Shadow lurks. He watches and he waits for the champion of the oversouls to rise above the rest. They think they can truly stand against the might of an archfiend? He smiles in greedy anticipation. We will see. We will see indeed... 

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