Design Notes

December 03, 2010

Nythera Continued

Everyone's Favorite half-Dragon is BACK!

Just about a year ago we introduced Nythera to AQW in her first storyline in the Frozen Northlands! Finally, we return to the frozen north and continue where we left off!

Spoiler: We are ALSO building up her legend before the REAL Nythera gets married next year and we tie her wedding into AQW with a special in-game wedding event. 

Man, people around here are getting married like... ducks?

Cause they mate for life, ya see.

.....and we're carrying on.

If you haven't been to the Frozen Northlandss, just look for the snow-covered area on the top of the map and begin your quest! This is the first of a two part quest continuation which picks up where we left off!

Pay special attention to the constantly mutating wolves. Chaos... is there anything it CAN'T DO?!

There are three amazing Cutscenes written by Beleen and animated by Miltonius, and tons of great gear brought to you by Dage, Skyline and yours truly.

This week's item list:

Stark’s Ice
Shimmering Flakes cape
Hearthside Axe
Champion of the North armor
Glacial Guard helm
The Frosted Falchion
Chaorrupted Mountaineer Hood
Chaotic Headsman’s Axe
Chaorrupted Northland Blade
Chaotic Crystal Glaive
Gravitating Chaos Crystal
Cloak of the North Wind
Serrated Chaos Edge
Tannenbaum Trimmings Cape
Chaotic Winterror Sword
Tannenbaum’s Tinder

It should be a pretty awesome pre-holiday haul!

Holiday Cookie Contest!


Since Beleen did such a great job with her post, I'm just going to COPYPASTE it here!

Last year’s winners did SUCH a great job creating totally scrumptious works of art and we cannot wait to see what you come up with this year. Check out last year’s Creative Cookie Contest winners for some delightful inspiration.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: The Prizes

Along with an endless amount of internet fame, the Grand Prize Winner(s) will receive 5,000 AdventureCoins AND a one-of-a-kind weapon created by Dage the Evil!

Additional AC prizes will be awarded for other super sweet desserts!

Fun fact: last year, the 6 grand prize winners received the ultra-rare Confectioner’s Slayer sword. When taken into consideration that there are over 20 Million registered users in AdventureQuest Worlds, being one of the verrrrrrry few to have such a one-of-a-kind weapon is truly remarkable.

Will you be a Grand Prize winner this year? One way to find out!    

How the Cookie Crumbles: The Rules

This contest will range from NOW until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, December 19th. The winner(s) will be announced on the Design Notes Thursday, December 23rd!

The rules and guidelines are short ‘n sweet but MUST be followed accordingly for your edible entry to be eligible. I repeat, in boldface and in red font, ‘cuz a lot of people miss this: YOU must follow EACH rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible.   

The easiest way to make sure your hard work gets judged: Read all of the rules before submitting your entry!

• Your dessert MUST be created by YOU. Do not copy someone else’s hard work. That my friend is called cheating, and you will be disqualified for it.

• Include an index card/piece of paper/ icing signature that says your AQW Character Name alongside your tasty treat. This way we really know it’s made by you! And NO, photoshopping your name onto your picture DOES NOT COUNT, and you will be disqualified if you do.

• Your dessert MUST be created in some sort of Artix Entertainment theme.
Create anything you want from AQW, EpicDuel, BladeHaven, DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest, and WarpForce!  If we cannot tell what it is from our games, you will not be qualified.

• Your canvas must be a cookie, cake, pie, or any other form of holiday dessert.
Mmmm, get creative!

• The photo of your dessert should be of the Highest Quality.
The more clear the picture, the better and tastier it will look, upping your chance at the Grand Prize!

• Remember to post a VALID link to your dessert photo!
Uploading your photo to your Facebook does not allow us to see the photos via the Forums. Also, if you upload your photo to your LOCKED photobucket account, we cannot see it either. So make sure your link is valid and isn’t locked to the public!

Preheating The Oven: Enter the Contest!

Now that you are ready for the 2010 Creative Cookie Contest, it’s probably a good idea to know WHERE to post your delectable desserts!

Submit your yummy creations on the official Creative Cookie Crafting Competition twitter account or AQW Facebook post.

The team is really looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful ideas and delicious cookie creations! There is only one way to win—and it starts by entering this contest! 

Best of luck to you all =D Eeeeeeeep

What Else Is Going On?

  • HeroMart is getting the 2017 Calendars in the lab today! We began shipping them out this week. 
  • Beleen's birthday is next week! Even though our favorite, pinkest Loremaster has gone on to new adventures, we'll still celebrate her day with a few pinkified items to show her we care!
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